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However, if you have changed the ‘duration’ attribute to 7 days, the posted migration then takes 7 days. (This is also the case when ‘duration’ is not set at all; however, there is no process that triggers the migration to take place, which is what would happen if a 7 day period were set.)
Does anyone know why this happens?


It seems like the library system was stuck in a state where migration periods were being remembered when they shouldn’t have been.

I can’t verify this (I haven’t seen the code), but have you checked that the migration schedule actually works? If so, then I’m wondering if you have a retention period set that isn’t actually working. That is, “Is there any reason that this migration should still be taking place after {n} days?”.

The job #00020, which created the automatic ‘Migrations.cfm’ file had the following schedule:




Although the title of the job #00020 says “Migrations”, I think the SCHEDULE section implies that it just scheduled a job to run daily, which it is, but doesn’t actually do anything with it.

I deleted the job and ran a migration at midnight (meant to migrate the first day), but the migration didn’t happen that night or the following day. As I figured it would, it created the migration file and the scheduled job, but did not actually run the job.

I suggest you double check the migration schedule, or if you’re positive about it being correct and you’re just looking for the root cause of this behavior, you could add the following ‘SCHEDULE’ line to the same job (00020) and see if the migration runs.


Then run the migration.

From my brief investigation, I think migration periods are remembered after they expire. However, a scheduled migration still counts as a migration period even if there’s no migration to execute.
The migration job #00020 was created like this:
Create job migration jobs that change AmazonS3 objects to new Amazon S3 storage

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