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Vocals; free vst plugins;How The Famous ‘Floating Bridge’ Got Its Name

Enlarge this image toggle caption Joan Norris/NPR Joan Norris/NPR

Do you know where the Floating Bridge comes from?

The iconic, circa 1930s art deco river traffic structure, at the intersection of the Bronx and Harlem rivers near City Hall, is sometimes referred to as the “I-Hotel.” And that name change reflects a shift in thinking about the bridge, and the city it crosses.

It wasn’t always called the Floating Bridge.

Part of what makes it so memorable is how it got its name.

The bridge was actually called the Lexington Avenue Bridge from the time it opened in 1931, through 1936, when it was renamed the “Gray-Cortelyou Bridge.”

In 1936, Mayor Fiorello La Guardia renamed it the “Downtown Skyway” — a name that still stuck.

It was only after the city began to think about World War II that the New York Times decided that the bridge needed a change. So the newspaper proposed the name “Floating Bridge.”

You can see its statue on Canal Street in Manhattan. At its widest point — from center to center — the bridge is just under 400 feet long.

The bridge is now operated by Amtrak, as are the tracks that are part of its Northeast Corridor. There is no ferry or pedestrian access.

But the bridge has long been a place to wonder about.

“It’s got a mystique about it,” says architect Frank Gehry, a reference to his first thoughts on the bridge. “It’s sort of like a ghost ship — the floating bridge.”

“It goes on the skyline and it floats by, so it’s really kind of magical if you ever see it,” he says.

That magic was captured in the 1996 film “Ghost,” starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

John Ford plays a journalist who has to solve the mystery surrounding the mystery-maker, the bridge’s namesake, “Floating” Mike Vesey.

“Being in the city was a great experience. You know, it’s one of my favorite cities,” says Ed Begley Jr


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