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Volume Fade Out Spy [Win/Mac] [Latest]

1-Parameter Settings:
Work with wav, aac, vqf, avi, wmv, wma, mp3, ogg. volumes.
Supporting facilities:

Mic, Time.
Can be started in the background.
Can restart after termination.
Can write to the journal.
Can be stopped from Task Manager.

The operation of the program is very simple. It is intended to be used to lower volume of music or audiobooks in your PC, laptop, or mobile phone. 1 click of the button and the corresponding volume of music will be reduced quickly and the time will be displayed.
The program is very easy to use and has a real-time editor, your only job is to set the parameter, click the button, and the desired result is generated. You can also use parameter adjustment with the loudness at any time.
Technical details:

2 files: VolumeFadeOutSpy.exe and VolumeFadeOutSpy.ini.
Runs only in 32-bit versions of Windows.
Can be started in the background.
You can restart or stop by clicking on the icon or by clicking the button.
Can write to the journal.
Stops by removing the main window of the program.

Solved Problems:

The program can not control the volume of music that does not use Windows Media Player for playback
The program can not be started in 32-bit versions of Windows (like Windows 8) and on Windows 7
After running the program and loading the music file, the displayed sound volume can not be changed from the menu
The display of the time that you can not increase the volume is still displayed

Code changes
01.26.2011 принят вопрос и ответ
Поменял скрипт


Here you can find solution and explanation of the problem.
This is not a music player. Your sound can be controlled by the simple application “Sound Recorder Pro”. This application will record your sound to your PC and will make the recording even if music player runs.
This application can be downloaded here: http://www.soundrecorder.co.uk


Spark with PySpark not reading from HDFS

Volume Fade Out Spy Crack+ Free

[ ]

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Mufasa – Volume Control

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Volume+Haze Equalizer

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Harrow is a utility for audio equalization of all sound recordings. It uses the dynamics and harmonic content of the sound. The tool is used to correct sound of all audio files, for example, MP3, MP2, AAC, AAC+ MO1, DSD, WAV, MP4, M4A, OGG, MOD, OGG, AIF, AIFF, MOD, WMA, WAV, AAC, WMA. The program can be used to correct the volume at the same time. When a minimum level is reached or exceeded, the volume is multiplied by the given factor.

Volume Fade Out Spy Crack

VFOS introduced in the previous version is extended to control MIDIs. 
VFOS requires MIDIs be in the Extension format. If a sound source, which is in the Original format is used, VFOS will be stopped. In addition, for VFOS to control MIDI, we set the parameter “Disable Midi Controllers” (in Options window) to No.
VFOS can control only the volume. It is not possible to change tempo, BPM, etc.
If VFOS starts or when the volume is less than “Min Volume” in the Options window, you will be notified with a message.
If VFOS is stopped, when you start it after that, you will be notified with a message.
Supporting VFOS
> VFOS does not require additional space.
> VFOS can be used with Windows Vista/Windows 7.
> VFOS can be used with Explorer, Winamp, QuickTime, iTunes, etc.
> VFOS is restricted to the connection in  Sound Recorder.
> VFOS is not possible to control the following items: tempo, BPM, key-on/off, menu items.
> If the sound source, which you are using, is not the Extended format (MIDI, VQF, AAC, VQF, WMA, OGG), VFOS will be stopped.
> VFOS only plays the sound, which is being played when VFOS is started.
> VFOS does not play the MIDI, when the sound volume is zero.
> VFOS does not control the amplitude of MIDI channels, even though the sound volume is increased and decreased.
> VFOS cannot be used together with  Mouse Grip.

Version 1.2
Download Links

Direct download
Release 1
Release 2

User’s Guide


Sound Recorder’s built-in Volume Fade Out Spy is also available at this link: VolumeFadeOutSpy.exe.

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Antonio Villaraigosa welcomes Condoleezza Rice to La Jolla to launch

What’s New in the Volume Fade Out Spy?

Volume Fade Out Spy.
The first release of the program Volume Fade Out Spy!.
Fade out right Now!
After pressing the Fade out right Now! button the volume of the music will immediately fade out, as long as the program is running in the background.
Easy to use.
Volume fade out
How to get this program:
After pressing the Download button, you can select the number of downloading processes (free to use, it is available only for one downloading). After completing the downloading, the Folder file download appears on your desktop. The file was saved with the system name “VOLUME-SPY-PC.exe” and was saved into the “C:\Users\pc\Desktop” folder.
After pressing the Download button, you can select the number of downloading processes (free to use, it is available only for one downloading). After completing the downloading, the Folder file download appears on your desktop. The file was saved with the system name “VOLUME-SPY-PC.exe” and was saved into the “C:\Users\pc\Desktop” folder.
Downloading is immediately after pressing the Download button, it is not necessary to wait for all files to finish downloading.
You can configure the number of downloading processes – Page 2.
When the downloading of files is ready to start, you can choose to start installing the file.
To have the application Volume Fade Out Spy working, you have to install it on the system C:\\Users\\pc\\Desktop folder and (at the same time) start it in the background after pressing the Start Now! button.
When the installation and start are finished, a dialog box appears and informs you that the program Volume Fade Out Spy has been successfully installed.
In the Volume Fade Out Spy program Folder you can find a folder icon called Volumesfadeout.exe, if you would like to run Volume Fade Out Spy when you turn on the computer.

If I set all the parameters except the volume, the program launches, but I never hear anything. I need help figuring out what’s wrong.


Assuming you were using the default config then you have stopped the program running, by pressing the stop button. The task manager will show the application as paused, not running.
You should close the Task manager, stop the process using the “ok” button, and start again.


On this

System Requirements:

Windows 7 SP1 or higher
Windows 10 Build 14393 (OS Build 15063) or higher
32-bit NVIDIA Software Rendering
2 GB RAM minimum
1024 MB HD minimum
32-bit OpenGL 3.1
10/100 Ethernet LAN (due to anti-cheat measures, you will need to disable any form of antivirus, which can block the download of game files)
Mac OS X 10.8.2 or higher
2 GB HD minimum
2048 MB VRAM minimum


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