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The Deep Web

Define The Deep Web? Definition Meaning & Usage of Deep Web in Plain English: Deep web Definition & Meaning: The term “Deep web” is widely used to define the portion of the Internet which is accessible only using certain types of software or browsers. For e.g. FINDING.

To use the Deep Web, you need a special web browser (what is called a) Whonix or Tor browser ; these can be downloaded from
In order to access the Deep Web you need to use a whonix or tor browser . There are some software made for accessing the Deep Web such as TORRENTROVER.
To access the Deep Web you need a special web browser (what is called a whonix or tor browser ); these can be downloaded from

The Deep Web

The Deep Web describes the portion of the Internet which is accessible only using certain types of software or browsers. It is generally thought of as that portion of the Internet which we are not able to access with a regular web browser because of the security measures these browsers employ, which protect us from being attacked by Malicious Adware, or Spyware. It is also used as a reference to suspected content which is hidden from
view, on the Deep Web, in the form of hacked servers, tor sites, hidden podcasts, fan-subbed sources etc. The term was coined by Alexaâ who is the CMO of The Deep Web is generally thought of as those sections of the Internet which are behind paywalls, hidden behind a paywall, or protected 

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17-06-2018, 07:19 PM

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I ran a quick search and found only one hit for a relationship between torrentrover.exe and
I wrote an automated script to scan every file on the entire internet and try and find a relationship between these two filenames. I am only a partial answer, as I ran it in this fashion:

Downloaded all files from Internet
Reversed the order of files.
Started the new list from the end.
Picked the files that contained both torrentrover.exe and

This script took about 12 hours to run. So I can’t say that I really uncovered something completely new. But it does have the same connection that you did. The only thing it does differently is that it looked for the same exact string ( in both filenames, whereas you found the word “TorrentRover” in both filenames.
On the other hand, I only looked for relationships between the two filenames. So I think it is entirely possible that there are other files out there with the same strings in the filenames.


The ZIP file you link to comes with a manual installing section.
Opening the manual pages linked in that section I see

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