Torrent Download Point Layout 2017 64 Bit [PATCHED] 🤜🏿

Torrent Download Point Layout 2017 64 Bit [PATCHED] 🤜🏿

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Torrent Download Point Layout 2017 64 Bit

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deleting a file with c#

in one of my applications I needed to delete a file which was in the location of a given path. In case of the folder not exists, then I created a file in the above folder and deleted it.
This worked perfectly in all scenarios except one – when the code is running on a different user account.
How should I change this code, so that it deletes the file/folder/file only when it is running on its own account, i.e when the application is running under the context of the logged in user?
Thank you


Use File.Delete()

Creates the specified directory, but only if it does not already exist.

instead of File.Create

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