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A while back, I made my own(less literal) play-by-text RPG in 6 months, with the help of two friends. I’m working on an unrelated project now, and I want to share some of the better mechanics I implemented. Since this is a roguelike, the story is pretty random; when you die, you start a new game, and the story continues. There are no stats to level up; all of your equipment and items from your previous games keep over to your new game, you just start from zero, and will be able to keep all of your previous progress.
Additionally, you gain experience points when you defeat enemies. These are proportional to the difficulty of the enemy, and are used to level up. If you gain enough experience, you’ll be able to unlock some new weapon types and armor. You’ll gain these experience points through three different methods: kills, saves, and restarts.
Usually when you kill an enemy, you’ll gain a very small amount of experience, since that enemy wouldn’t be a threat to you. The same goes for saves: if you don’t die before you finish saving, you’ll receive experience. Also, after every restart, you’ll gain a small amount of experience, based on how long it took you to beat your last game.
Keep your health up; if you run out of stamina, you won’t be able to move or attack.
In addition, for deaths, you have a chance to “rewind” time, meaning that when you restart the game, you’ll be able to start over on the map with the enemies you last fought, and any experience and items you gained will be preserved. Similarly, restarts will also keep your progress.
This system pretty much replicates New Game +, but in a way that would not be possible otherwise.
So, what are some of the coolest mechanics you’ll find?
Procedural Enemies
A large part of this game is procedural enemies. When you die, you immediately restart on the map where you died. At that time, there are two things we do. First, we make sure that you do not start with any enemies on the map; it should be empty.
Then we generate the enemies on the map.
Specifically, we generate a 2×2 grid of enemies, and assign them


Shatter Keep Features Key:

  • Download Digital Wallpapers for your desktop
  • Its a set of 3 wallpapers
  • Playing game, might increase the speed by 15%.
  • Game Features

    The world of Talumos is in the fringes of magic. Risk and reward are the main drivers of this world. Players risk their lives in the streets to survive, and protect themselves from harm. Own a shop, train and develop your character and become a master of the Talumos world.

    Game Action

    You move by running, jumping and fighting. Pressing A will allow you to pick up dropped goods. You can use your shotgun to kill creatures. The further you walk, the faster the creature respawns. The game never stops running.


    Use Arrow Keys to move:
    Arrow Left : Move Left
    Arrow Right : Move Right
    Arrow Up : Jump
    Arrow Down : Run
    To pick up items, Use Key S and Space
    Continue : Pause / Resume Game
    Options : Show Game Instructions


    You can contact me at
    This Game is for fun only! This title is not endorsed, sponsored, or associated in anyway with any company, including “Amazon”, “Google”, “Microsoft”, “Apple” etc

    • Website :
    • Twitter : >

    Keywords : Xylose Game.Digital Wallpapers Pack : Unfourtunately I dont know how to do that. I think it will be 3 links in one inside the download, Link 1 (download 1 digital wallpapers), link 2 (download


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    The ancient texts say that the authors are divine entities living in different times and places. How many of them really exist, how many are manifestations of collective unconscious? And what happens, when they collide?
    In one of the nights of December in 2007, in the city of Prypiat, a man called Ibizan went to a concert of an electronic band. They were so depressed when they left. They met a friend of Ibizan in Prypiat with whom they went back together on the train. In the bus, they talked about their lives, about their different problems and about the answer to some questions. The friend mentioned a story that he had read in the book on which he was working, it gave him a great hope. Later the friend invited Ibizan to his apartment, where Ibizan met with the mysterious, brilliant and wonderful figures of the legends. He was welcomed into the community of writers and their teachers. He started to experience great joy, peace and love, and he started to understand the secrets of existence. He began to understand his place in the world and what kind of living is. Now he began to enjoy new and old cultures of the people who wrote before him.
    At first, Ibizan was afraid, but then he realized that those beings are the ones who could help him to understand what life really is and what is really happening in our world. Suddenly they let Ibizan to meet with his car. They disappeared, but their voice was still behind his heart. Today this voice still is reminding to Ibizan to realize his way to himself. The story did not end here. The game is the beginning of the journey of Ibizan throughout many centuries of the past and the future, through the streets of our world, through the lands of the Earth.
    In this game you will get the gift of “books with words”.
    [From the game creator]
    I am Yuri Valette, I used this name in order to hide my real name because people who work on this project do not know my real name. I am creator of this game which appeared only in my head as this fantasy: Fantasy.
    [From the publisher]
    This game is an exclusive remake of a fantasy novel “The Secret of Ibizan”. You may spend a couple of hours reading the story. You need to write the last chapter of the novel yourself in order to complete the game.
    [About author]
    I wanted to write not a novel but a story, and


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    “Ode to Adventure”

    An Adventure Module for use with the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop

    This adventure is tailored for the physically-fit investigator; the challenges include an expedition to the icy interior, the climbing of dangerous glaciers, and encounters with hostile humans and others. At the end of the journey the investigators will find themselves faced with an ancient stone temple guarded by an inhuman sentinel. If the investigators can gain entry to this building, they will find clues to the disappearance of the strange race that once worshiped here. For the less physically-fit, more scholarly investigator, opportunities for quieter studious adventures also exist while in Greenland.

    The original PDF contained three short adventures. This module contains only the first of three loosely connected modules.

    Keith Herber, Author

    Dave Millar, Art & Artwork

    Steve Purcell, Art & Artwork

    Mike Blum, Layout

    Jeff Merron, Layout

    Mike Blum, Design, Layout & Story

    Jeff Merron, Layout & Story

    Mike Blum, Fiction, Layout & Story

    Mike Blum, Layout, Design & Story

    Mike Blum, Layout, Design & Story



    The following adventure can be played by a group of investigators of any level of character ability. At the time of this writing, it was designed to be run with the 6th edition version of the Call of Cthulhu ruleset. However, its design is flexible enough that it can be effectively run with any version of the ruleset.

    A character may or may not be familiar with the setting prior to being sent by the Foundation for Arcane Sciences to investigate a rumored incident of madness in a far-flung land of strange ruins and forgotten cultures. The party comes from civilized centers of the galaxy like New England and Australia, where better-trained investigators have already ruled out a natural explanation for the behavior of the local natives.

    The character’s objective is to investigate evidence of the existence of a mysterious race of Ice Elves who live far to the north. Because an expedition to this isolated region has never been conducted before, no accurate information on their civilization or environment has been gathered. The hope is that hard work and careful observation will give the investigators some new insights on the mission.


    There are three to six locations within the adventure, each chosen for


    What’s new in Shatter Keep:

    is out!

    I can’t say it any better than the many lovely creatives who wrote me after discovering the book:

    The art that you put in to every little thing in the notes is so vast and so real and makes the book feel so much more than five patted out pages.

    Even before I knew it was a Best of album there was SO much creativity behind every single page. I enjoyed just looking at it.

    Once I read over the pages and came to the reviews I knew I was in for a big woot moment! Funny story, I was way into my fantasy rp game when I first read the little blurb about the inspiration for OTS. It brought me back to the only way I played D&D growing up: every little bit of clue was important. The little details that made up a character, the names of their weapons and locations, and their likes and dislikes came from all sorts of places; games, movies, and books. So putting your finger on the exact inspiration for your character is amazing! The day I read the inspiration for The Brute and Amber was when I set my expectations for the release to no longer a concept album. I knew I wasn’t going to get a book full of digressions and adventures. I wanted tone, methodical description, flaws of the characters, and the distinct themes woven throughout.

    I still had the most beautiful songs though, so it didn’t matter what kind of book I got.

    The artbook is an insane collection of prints that tell their little stories about the themes and set pieces of the album and the stories behind the music. I don’t want to spoil the process of finding all those hidden gems… but I wanted to share some of my favorite:

    The design of the album cover really sums up the art in the book.

    Santa Fe Bar and Grill:porthole, chandelier room.
    Santa Fe Bar and Grill, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Original architectural detail, lots of peanut shells, and some dried up horse shit. Now it’s a popular drinking spot.

    The good stuff they used to turn the golden table picture color;

    The bar was inspired by the “samurai collectibles” in this bar in Shinjuku, the jukebox was also inspired by the samurai artifacts.

    Santa Fe Bar and Grill
    Style: Retro

    Tamora: medium volumized hair. Full make-


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    Tyranny is an innovative RPG, set in a beautiful hand-painted 2D world. A deeply engaging narrative is told through an original point-and-click interface that immerses the player in the game’s world. As a recently disgraced knight, players experience the fallout of their actions as they try to reclaim their life, their honor, and their soul. Players make a profound impact on the world of Tyranny by shaping events through the delicate interactions with non-player characters and a multitude of items found during gameplay.How many refugees can Tyranny save?
    Expansions and updates are to be expected with this game. We want to support Tyranny with additional content so we don’t have to ask you to purchase new copies of the game every time an expansion is released. Currently we have no plans to release a paid expansion, but if the Tyranny fan base proves overwhelmingly for paid expansions, we’ll definitely take that into account when determining our approach moving forward.As with any game or service, some people may not like certain aspects or elements of Tyranny. Please do not take this feedback personally, we have an extremely large and diverse community of Tyranny fans and we love reading every review and comment we receive.

    What is Tyranny?
    Tyranny is an original, action-adventure, role-playing game with a unique point-and-click-style interface. In the game you play a disgraced knight who has sworn a lifelong, personal vendetta against the Lord and his chosen Knight. It’s a role-playing game in which you are the Hero, not the Heroine.

    Tyranny is set in a hand painted world that is divided into magical plains, dark forests, and serene mountains. Each of these locations has its own unique atmosphere and cultures as well as a unique cast of characters, but all of them exist harmoniously thanks to the minuscule budget we were given.

    The game’s presentation is a mix of medieval and abstract fantasy. Each location features its own unique tile set, character art, and unique music and sound effects.

    From the start, the game’s focus was to tell a story. It’s a story that runs directly counter to the traditional formula that forces the player to decide “good vs. evil” and sometimes goes to terrible extremes to ensure that the story is told. But we felt it was important for the player to play a real role in the game’s narrative – a role similar to that of a detective


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