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Securing your documents from prying eyes is nowadays a general preoccupation, what with the multitude of threats trying to get over your data and unethically exploit it.
A software solution such as SafeNotes should, however, help you in your quest against any type of unwanted attention directed towards your personal files, being designed to encrypt all sorts of annotations you alone can access.
Stores and encodes your notes, passwords, and other content
Following a hassle-free installation, the program prompts you with a main window that does not stand out from the crowd of text editors, opting to rather put more weight on the techniques of safely storing your notes, passwords, and any other sensitive data, and not on the aesthetic factor.
The way the program works is quite straightforward. You simply need to open a document, start writing, and save your documents to your PC. When you want to explore them, you must type in the master password you chose, otherwise it will be impossible to reach their contents. However, you can change the status of your files and make them publicly available.
Lets you create document collections
It is worth mentioning that the application comes with multi-tab support, which means you can work with multiple documents at the same time.
If you are a multitasker, the program provides you with an extra goodie. You can save a specific list of documents to your bookmarks in order to easily open them simultaneously at a later point in time.
Comes with basic editing tools
As for your documents’ looks, there are several editing options at your disposal. You can select the font and color of your text, use bold and italics, as well as underline words. What’s more, you can choose the type of alignment that best suits your needs, and for comfortable navigation, you can search for and replace strings of text.
As an added bonus, you should know that the program incorporates a clipboard manager storing all the content you may want to revise and use in your documents.
Reliable program that keeps your documents away from prying eyes
On an ending note, SafeNotes is an approachable and reliable piece of software that guards your notes, passwords, and other sorts of content from intrusive presences. It encrypts all your data and denies access to it unless the user is in possession of the master password, so you should rest assured knowing that your files are safe.

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Download >>>

SafeNotes (April-2022)

SafeNotes Crack is an application that allows you to access and use your personal files safely and securely. If the document you are trying to access is encrypted, you will need the password you set to access them. SafeNotes Cracked 2022 Latest Version has numerous features, such as bookmarks, text search and replace, and paste. SafeNotes Cracked Accounts also has a shared password feature so you can share and access files safely.

SafeNotes Features:

Encryption of file and email attachments
A paper clip manager where you can manage multiple documents for ease of access
A text search and replace feature
Built in document viewer with annotation features
Built in password protection for files
Built in email attachments protection
A built in browser with built in extensions

SafeNotes Review:

The software was very easy to download and install. The program worked very well. I downloaded a document to test it out, and it worked quickly and easily. The best feature is the encryption. My documents cannot be accessed without the correct password, and the built in “paste” feature works well. The browser, text search, and text replace works well. The program works fine on a Windows computer, but I have not tried the Mac version.

SafeNotes Review:

I tried SafeNotes out of curiosity, and I found it to be very easy to use. I was able to open up files, copy and paste, and encrypt files. The built in browser is easy to use, and I am looking forward to trying it out more.


1. It is very easy to use, 2. It is very affordable, 3. It is very quick, 4. It is very small, 5. It is very easy to install, and 6. It is very affordable, 7. It is very easy to use, and 8. It is very quick to use


1. I think the program could use a few more features, 2. I did not like that it is not customizable, 3. I think the program should have a file viewer with a clickable list of files,

I have been using safe notes since 2011, the best part is, even though I have been using it for over 6 years it has never asked me for a new password. The copy paste feature is working great. Overall I think its an awesome program. I am a Registered member and a Commercial Download License.


Easy to use,


Can be a little slow

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Do I need to pay to use the program?

The program is absolutely free, and you can access it as much as you want.

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SafeNotes Crack + Activator Free

“Open Source Evernote alternative” is a free to use alternative to Evernote and OneNote. It offers many features and possibilities but is not as complete as Evernote and OneNote. This program only supports the most recent versions of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
Rating: 5/5

Of all the folders where you can store your files, folder windows often seem to be the most awkward ones. You might think that it would be a fine idea to store all your documents in one place, but the more time passes, the harder it gets to browse through all of them. In such situations, you might consider using a file manager and avoid seeing all of those other folders.
Windows folder windows can be expanded to the size you want them to be, regardless of their size on the desktop, which can be a practical move.
Apart from that, they can be set to automatically organize your files by type, making it easier for you to find any document in your collection.
And if you feel like you do not really need a file manager, you can even hide the desktop icons of your programs and folders. That is one of the main reasons why many of us choose to make use of a file manager, as it makes it much easier to access all the folders on our desktop.
Regardless of what you choose to do, what you need to understand is that if you want to organize your files effectively, you need a file manager.
Some things to keep in mind before using file manager
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How do I make sure that the folder window is large enough?
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But if you want the window to be even bigger than that, you can click and drag the folder window anywhere on the desktop.
I have only one file folder, but it is always opened.
That is the default behavior of the file manager. If you want to make it appear on the desktop, then you must open the file explorer and choose the option that suits you best.
When you open the file explorer, you might notice a small colored dot next to the folder icon. That means that the folder is currently selected, and it will be opened when you click

What’s New in the SafeNotes?

We have all been there: a situation occurs and you need to take care of it immediately, and fast. The only problem is, you don’t have your handy-dandy document around. To save your time, you need a good note app that doesn’t require you to purchase the whole program.
SafeNotes is designed to encrypt all your files for security.
You can open and save your files as you like with various text editors.
You can create multiple documents, organize them, and access them.
You can choose the font and color of your text, use bold and italics, as well as underline words.
It supports multiple tabs for simultaneous editing.
You can easily search for and replace strings of text.
You can copy a file from the selected file list and paste it into another document.
You can use the clipboard manager to store all the information you want to copy into your documents.
You can print your notes in batch or one at a time.
You can print your notes, change them, and save them as PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, and more.
The program can save the programs’ settings and update itself when the update is available.
SafeNotes Requirements:
P4, 2 GHz processor or faster
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System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements:
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Memory: 256 MB
Video Card: 64 MB OpenGL 2.0 capable
Hard Drive: 707 MB available space
DirectX: 9.0
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible
Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse
Additional Notes: 1.4GB disk space required for installation.
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz

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