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Russian Phrasebook Crack Full Version [Win/Mac]

Get the most popular phrases and sentences of Russian language in the quickest and easiest way. Simply click to choose phrase you want to learn and listen it on a sound. The program provides a huge set of phrases and unique audio files of Russian pronunciation.
Russian PhraseBook is a native application for Android and compatible with all Android devices including Galaxy and Xiaomi phones and tablets.
Key Features
– Huge list of phrases with Russian pronunication.– Supports (English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Dutch, Bulgarian, Romanian, Swedish and Polish languages) and Unicode input.– Includes a sound of each phrase.– Useful for any beginner and expert.– Categories (General, Travel, Education, and so on) and fields for each phrase.– Export to English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Dutch, Bulgarian, Romanian, Swedish or Polish language.
Main Features:
– More than 100 phrases in 12 categories with “I”, “you” and “we” alternatives!– Includes a sound of each phrase.– Useful for any beginner and expert.
Category: General – Business – Education – Family – Food – Health – Help – Movies – Music – Sports – Technology
Category: Travel – Technology – Tourism – Education – Fashion – Toys – Clothing – Veterinary – Education – Health
Category: Dating – Health – Relationships
Category: Medical – Sports – Tickets
Category: Work – Bank – Police – Law – Cartography – Animals
Category: Education – History – House – Art – Religion – Word
Category: Travel – Communication
Category: Education – Culture – Food
Category: Miscellaneous – Business – Art – Medicine
Category: Religion – Entertainment – Sports – Cars
Category: Animation
Category: In-app purchases
Category: Tips & Tricks – After-sales service

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Russian Phrasebook Crack Latest

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What’s New in the Russian Phrasebook?

Russian Phrasebook is an application designed to help Russian learners in their attempts to learn and understand Russian.
The application allows you to look up any phrase by its English and Russian translations, search through a phrasebook or create your own ones.
This app also allows you to add your own phrase words by copying and pasting them from any text document into a tab in the Russian Phrasebook.
However, the app unfortunately doesn’t support transliteration, i.e. the writing down of foreign words into Russian alphabet.
Moreover, you cannot modify existing phrases, add new ones or export either the phrasebook or individual words in the table.
Nonetheless, you can still use this application as a reference while learning or practicing the Russian language.
Russian Phrasebook Benefits
– Look up or search through phrases
– Add your own phrases
– Copy and paste phrases from any document to the app
– Exports the phrases as a Word or an Excel document
– Allows you to bookmark a phrase

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