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Life in the Blogosphere – thesyndicate

There are some interesting links to other blogs/writers in this series, would
like to see more of it.

He also wrote about a recipe; as of the time I read this, he hadn’t posted it,
but it’s certainly worth a read:

This is incredibly good stuff. If you’d like a summary, here is a tl;dr:

\- Weblogs are entirely a reaction to twitter and facebook

\- Weblogs are bringing new kinds of interaction into the media

\- Weblogs are more like traditional forums

\- Weblogs are still taboo

\- Weblogs have a social hierarchy – the good ones are a separate caste

\- Weblogs are social and political

\- Weblogs are music


Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal

Ghost Hunting in England is a UK based website which explores the paranormal. It is the first UK ghost hunting community dedicated to the paranormal and features paranormal forums, which cover all areas of ghost hunting.

No article on Ghost Hunting in England is complete without a look at some of the haunted places in the UK. While I have seen haunted places in the US, I have not been to as many places to see if they are as creepy as people say they are. On the east coast, many people believe they’ve had experiences in and around Stonehaven Manor in Scotland.

The following list of haunted places for Ghost Hunting England is taken from the website and contains photos, and stories of the paranormal.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a liquid crystal display module, and more particularly, to a method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display

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