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The Internet is filled with all sort of applications and programs that make your job easier and let you do all sort of things. One of such applications is Presentation Publisher.
It allows you to create and view multimedia presentations on your computer. It comes with an intuitive, but dated graphical interface. It does have some nice features and tools that you could use.
Dated graphical interface
The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't have a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. It does come with a rather dated graphical interface that could use an upgrade.
Presentation Publisher allows you to create and view multimedia slideshow presentations that include images, audio, movies, background music and even more elements.
Create and view multimedia slideshow presentations
The first thing that you need to do after launching the application is to create new presentations. You can add as many slides as you want and their number is mentioned at the top of the screen.
There's the option to pick from multiple playback modes, including navigation bar, auto play or mouse mode. You can also adjust the repeat options and the slide sequence. Moreover, you can change the view mode and check out a preview of your presentation before you save it.
You can set the presentation to play full screen, or default to a window size based on the screen percentage you enter.  If you choose to have your presentation run in a window, you can re-size the window at any time after the presentation has started.
More features and tools
There's the option to pick the image that will appear in the foreground and background of the presentation. Foreground and background images can have an optional border displayed around the image.
Each slide can have up to 9 different areas of text. Each area can have their own hot spot and style settings. Each slide can either be displayed with a random effect or you can set the exact effect you would used.
All in all, Presentation Publisher is a very nice application for creating and viewing slideshow presentations on your computer.


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Presentation Publisher is a program that makes it easy to create and view multimedia slide shows. It is easy-to-use and very customizable. It includes many options for changing how slides are displayed.
You can set the sequence of slides in several ways. You can show them in a random order, or you can have them displayed in your favorite order. You can add several kinds of effects to each slide. You can define a slide as a hot-spot and change its appearance to suit your own needs.
With a few clicks you can preview the presentation before you save it. You can also resize windows to fit the screen or the entire screen.

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But this post is about the native format. In this format, you just need to install Adobe Acrobat. It is a free software, and it is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

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Presentation Publisher Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code PC/Windows

Presentation Publisher Cracked Accounts is a free slideshow software that allows you to create and view multimedia slideshow presentations that include images, audio, videos, animated gifs, theme images, backgrounds, photos, and more.
You can control every aspect of your slideshow presentations including which picture to have in foreground and background, text area color and fonts, border color, animation effects, music, and more.

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– Since this video shows the original version of the game. Versions of the game since have fixed some issues.
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That’s my updated review on using this game.
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There are lots of cons, but there are also some pros. Here they are:
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Presentation Publisher Product Key Download For Windows

Presentation Publisher is a slideshow application that works with all major multimedia files, including images, audio, video and background music. The program is simple to use, and is entirely geared towards the presentation enthusiast.
New in Version 4.4.9:
1. Customizable Colors: You can now adjust the Colors of each element in your presentation, including backgrounds and font colors.
2. Slides Navigator Fix: Fix for some mis-positioned slides in some versions.
3. More Cool Features:
1. Much more intuitive user interface.
2. Add many different effects to your slides.
3. Many slideshow sequences.
4. You can now start your presentation from the last slide of your last presentation.
The application can be found at This slideshow app can be found on the Internet.

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What’s New in the Presentation Publisher?

Proceed With Image Preview – With this feature you can quickly preview all the images before you start, so that you have a good visual preview to save time and find the unwanted images.
Text-Images-Colour Preview – preview all images simultaneously, with text, colour and shapes pre-selected.
Text – Shows a text on each image
Image – Shows an image on each image. Image could be color, black and white, grayscale or different type.
Text and Image – Shows all images together, with a text in the foreground and an image in the background.
Text – Shows a text on each image. Image could be color, black and white, grayscale or different type. Text could be repeated or with random effect.
Text, Image and Colours – Shows all images together, with a text in the foreground and an image in the background. The text could be repeated or with random effect.
Text, Image and Clues – Shows all images together, with a text in the foreground and an image in the background. The text could be repeated or with random effect. Clues like face or other images could be shown on the text.
See All Images – Preview all images, color, black and white, grayscale or different type.
Text, Image and Save as a.wmv – Specifies the image used as the background image for the given text and image color.
Text, Image, Save as a.wmv – Previews all images, color, black and white, grayscale or different type. The background image can be either set or set as a ‘from template’ image, so the same image is used for each new slide.

That’s all about multitouch supported operating systems:


No article is complete without mentioning about Android



Load external PDF in iPad app

First of all, apologies for my bad english.
I know it’s possible to load external PDF’s in an iPad app, I’ve seen it on many apps, but I don’t know if it’s possible in my iPad app.
If it’s possible, how can I do it?


You can load a PDF file from:

Documents directory
Documents folder inside your sandboxed app bundle.
url in a webview.
App file directory (inside the app bundle)
in document directory which is available for unzipped

System Requirements For Presentation Publisher:

Windows XP, Vista, 7
Mac OSX Intel-based Mac only. NOT compatible with
other versions of Mac OS
Processor: 800Mhz
RAM: 512MB
Graphics: OpenGL2.0
File: Mac
Audio Card: SoundBlaster PRO-24
Screen Resolution: 800×600
Screen Resolution: 1024×768
Audio: 5.1 Surround Sound – DVD-

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