Pmaentranceexamreviewerpdf816 [Extra Quality]

Pmaentranceexamreviewerpdf816 [Extra Quality]

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What may be the underlying cause for increased Performance.Data.SqlServer.AdoNet.SqlSqliTypeEnumerator@1?

I have a.NET 3.5 SP1 ASP.NET application running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 box. We’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of calls to Performance.Data.SqlServer.AdoNet.SqlSqliTypeEnumerator::ListAllEnumerators@1, as seen in the following trace:
Number of calls: 253530 (increased by almost 2x)
Time taken (ms): 1.61561315
Total number of static fields: 0
Number of dynamic fields: 2
Number of method calls: 253530
Average method call time (ms): 0.089633819

However, all of our code remains identical, the only difference is the following add-on (I replaced client and server name with fictitious):

We did upgrade some of the installed software:

SqlServer 2005 (6.4)
Office 2007 (7)

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U.S. Patent 4,308,129 B. Embodiments of the present invention provide for point-to-point transfers having varying transfer lengths during user data transfers where the transfer lengths may vary in response to a user’s defined transfer time intervals.
For more detailed information please see the PMA Entrance Exam. Requirements.
admittanceexam – A.S.L. – PMA Entrance The PMA Entrance Exam is a week long computer-based aptitude test that helps you learn what you want to study.
CPM Examination:                                                                                

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