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Turn your old EML files to any other popular format in just a few clicks!
Compatible formats:
Pays attention to the details and details
Converting EML files in batches is a straightforward process when using the tool from PCVARE. It is, however, possible to batch convert EML files to other popular formats, such as MSG, PDF, HTML, RTF, EMLX, MBOX and CSV.
Strong and reliable program that provides you with the best results
This software will be happy to place your original EML files in the same state as they were in the old one. It does this with just one mouse click, and it’s just how it should work.
Everything can be automated with ease
As a result, you can automate this entire process with relative ease. By using the batch convert tool, you can perform a conversion in a couple of steps.
Batch email conversion helps you save the work and time
It is a time-consuming process to migrate email data manually, and it is for the same reason that this tool, PCVARE EML Converter, was created. This tool is very powerful and advanced, but it’s also very user-friendly.
Faster email migration process, guaranteed!
The software from PCVARE is here to help you. This is a reliable and professional tool that is able to help you migrate email data from EML files to other formats with just a few clicks.

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PCVARE EML Converter Crack+ Free Download

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PCVARE EML Converter

PCVARE EML Converter is a simple yet efficient piece of software designed from the ground up to make it as easy as possible for you to migrate and transfer email data from EML files to a wide array of formats supported by other email clients, spreadsheet apps, web browsers and even document readers.
Export email data from EML files to a broad range of other formats
This said, right off the bat, you should know that you can effortlessly convert EMLs to PST, MSG, PDF, HTML, RTF, EMLX, MBOX, MBX and CSV formats. Probably just as important is the fact that PCVARE EML Converter is capable of retaining the email attachments, folder structure, metadata, and formatting.
Subsequent to a typical and surprise free installation process and upon first launching the utility, you are met by a compact main window that sports a visually non-impressive UI with an intuitive layout.
Intuitive and novice-friendly email conversion tool
You can start converting EML files in practically no time. Simply select the email files from their locations, or even faster, select their home folder, select one of the provided format options from the bottom half of the main window and hit the ‘Convert’ button, located in the lower right side.
The next step requires you to choose the destination path for the output files, as well as pick the of the then naming options, and that’s about that.
Provides you with a very efficient way to convert EML files
Taking everything into consideration, PCVARE EML Converter is a very versatile and well-rounded software email conversion tool that allows users to migrate their data from EML files to other formats supported by multiple useful utilities.

Convert mail accounts from EML to PST, EML to MSG, EML to PDF, EML to HTML, EML to RTF, EML to XLS, EML to MSG, EML to MBOX, EML to MBX, EML to CSV, EML to TXT, EML to TXT, EML to PDF, EML to XLS, EML to HTML, EML to RTF, EML to XLS, EML to TXT, EML to PDF, EML to XLS, EML to HTML, EML to RTF, EML to TXT, EML to PDF, EML to XLS, EML to HTML, EML to RTF

What’s New In PCVARE EML Converter?

Copyright 2016 The Kubernetes Authors.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

package v1beta1

import (


// GroupName is the group name use in this package
const GroupName = “apps”

// SchemeGroupVersion is group version used to register these objects
var SchemeGroupVersion = schema.GroupVersion{Group: GroupName, Version: “v1beta1”}

// Resource takes an unqualified resource and returns a Group qualified GroupResource
func Resource(resource string) schema.GroupResource {
return SchemeGroupVersion.WithResource(resource).GroupResource()

var (
localSchemeBuilder = &v1.SchemeBuilder
AddToScheme = localSchemeBuilder.AddToScheme

func init() {
v1.AddToGroupVersion(SchemeGroupVersion, schema.GroupVersion{Version: “v1beta1”})

// AddToScheme adds all registered types to the given scheme.
func AddToScheme(scheme *runtime.Scheme) error {
metav1.AddToGroupVersion(scheme, SchemeGroupVersion)
return nil

func newControllerRevisionLister(scheme *runtime.Scheme) controllerRevisionLister {
ret := controllerRevisionLister{}

System Requirements For PCVARE EML Converter:

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Windows 64 bit
2.5 GB RAM
100 MB Free Hard Drive Space
100 MB of Internet Space
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