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Convert the array to json array in php

Here i am array in php
[0] => Array
[text] => text 1

[1] => Array
[text] => text 2

[2] => Array
[text] => text 3

[3] => Array
[text] => text 4

i want to convert this array to the following one
“text”:”text 1″
“text”:”text 2″
“text”:”text 3″
“text”:”text 4″

please help me to convert this array, it will be very much appreciated


You can easily do it by array_column.
$result = [];

foreach($input as $key => $value) {
$result[$key] = $value[‘text’];

array_column($input, ‘text’);


Calling Javascript functions inside of a Node.JS server

I’m trying to write a node.js server that contains a page on which the user can edit data and submit it. For the submit part, I have some fancy custom ajax that makes a POST request to a php script that gets the data and stores it in the database.
I’m currently testing the server with request-promise. But I would really

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How to use the same table with c# and mysql?

How I can use the same table with C# and mysql?
I want to make a program that connect to my database (mysql) and then load each column as a label of a form.
I need to do this with C# and mysql.
I need to use the same table because there is a web site with this exact form but I don’t know the table on the c# side.
I’m trying to link them together without corrupting the database on the c# side.


You can reuse the same table in the same schema, but use a different name to avoid collisions (plural names are frowned upon). For example, using the same table name for the C# and MySQL data is fine. You can use the same table name in the MySQL database, but the C# needs to use a different table name.
So, you could do something like this, in the MySQL database:
PRIMARY KEY (OrderID, CustomerID),
FOREIGN KEY (CustomerID) REFERENCES Customers (CustomerID),
FOREIGN KEY (Employee) REFERENCES Employees (Employee)

And then have the C# data access layer use that table name.
Also, if you use a standard data access library (such as the one in.NET), it should allow you to reuse tables and columns from a MySQL database that were previously created with a different data access library (such as ODBC).

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