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There doesn’t necessarily have to be an issue or malicious content which makes you lose some files, because a disk drive can become corrupt, or someone can easily delete files of interest. In this regard, you can use specialized applications like NTFSWalker, even for times when you accidentally remove them.
Can be used on the go
You can run the application right after download is done, because it doesn’t take you through an installer in order to function, meaning you can carry it around on a thumb drive to perform recovery on other computers. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about the target PC’s health status, because registries are not modified.
Launching the app brings up a list of all drives it detects, whether they’re physical, logical, removable, or virtual. However, as the name clearly points out, you need to make sure target drives use the NTFS file system, otherwise you can’t scan, nor recover. Only one partition can be selected per operation.
Show preview, Hex data, and recovery options
Scanning doesn’t take a lot of time, and before you know it, all files and folders are enlisted in a dedicated panel. The application performs a low-level structure scan on NTFS partitions, and chances are files of interest can’t really be found by name.
The list of results show MFT value on drive, name, size, date created, and modified, as well as attributes. Unfortunately, you need to manually go through the list until reaching files of interest, because there’s no built-in search function, nor can you filter by clicking column headers.
However, if you do manage to find items of interest, multiple related data fields can be accessed, and recovery takes several seconds, depending on size. Apart from general file info, the application also lets you get a preview, for text and pictures, as well as Hex data, all accessible through dedicated panes.
To conclude
All in all, NTFSWalker is a powerful file recovery application, but it’s not quite intended for everyone. Its algorithms help scrape low-level structures on NTFS partitions, showing heavily-detailed info on existing, and removed files. This way, it comes in handy for thorough scanning of drives, and not recovery from simple, accidental deletion.


Download ✒ ✒ ✒ https://shurll.com/2mh1fs

Download ✒ ✒ ✒ https://shurll.com/2mh1fs






NTFSWalker Crack Free Download

An easy-to-use file recovery application.
This application can recover files from NTFS partitions.
It can find and recover files including filenames, folders, date created, size, attributes, and MFT value.
It has a built-in preview function to preview recovered files.
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Western Digital
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Western Digital Caviar SE16
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NTFSWalker Crack+ License Key Download

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This is a powerful file recovery utility which can help recover lost and deleted files from either physical or logical NTFS drives. It does not make any changes to the system, and is rather easy to use.
The application is capable of scanning the entire drive, including all logical and physical volumes. It checks for file integrity, file name, and file size and so on.
NTFSWalker Features:
• Supports NTFS file system
• NTFS file system scanning
• Scanning of all files
• Scanning of different partitions
• Recovery of lost files and folders
• High-level file system and registry details
• Customizable search features
• Scan preview of different file types
• Hex data generation
• Detailed recovery report
• Accurate recovery
• Uses less memory than other software
• Doesn’t make any changes to the system
• No complex setup required
• Very easy to use
• Protects your data

In case the free version seems to be ok for you, there’s also the paid version available, with a few differences that I will explain below.
In the paid version you get:
• Unrestricted access for 30 days
• Backup your files automatically
• Configurable search scope (CdRom, hard disk or all data)
• Configurable scanning scope (all drives, drive by drive, or selected)
• Desktop notifications (popup with report)
• Built-in support for browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge…)
• Built-in support for files managers (Windows Explorer, Total Commander)
• Configurable backup target
• Auto pause scanning after some days
• Auto pause scanning after some time of inactivity

Download and try NTFSWalker

Click the link below, to get it for free. You will get a “key” for 10 days, so that you can get access to the main screen and start the scan (and NTFSWalker won’t be able to automatically start the scan for the 10 days, but you can still start it manually and the 10 days are not counted for free version).

If you liked the free version, after the 10 days you will be able to pay for the full version.

However, as mentioned before, there are a few differences. The full version is licensed for an unlimited time, and it has also a few more features, like the ability to auto-scan drives on boot, and to send reports to

What’s New in the NTFSWalker?

Find and recover deleted files from any NTFS disk.
Use it in the following ways:
File recovery using MFT, name, size, date, file attributes.
Preview and recover any files from any folders of any drives.
Hex data for every file, and recovery time to restore them.
In addition, you can easily search for files of any names by clicking on the column headers.
Advanced NTFS file recovery software.

Recover deleted files from any NTFS disk.
Use it in the following ways:
File recovery using MFT, name, size, date, file attributes.
Preview and recover any files from any folders of any drives.
Hex data for every file, and recovery time to restore them.
In addition, you can easily search for files of any names by clicking on the column headers.
Advanced NTFS file recovery software.

Explore the hidden or deleted files from all drives, partitions or volumes
– Revers, view hidden files, lock files, open archives
– Hex view to show the file contents
– Attach or split files to show the file content and path
– Restore deleted files or recover accidentally deleted files
– Extract the compressed files
– Scan the deleted files after deletion
– Search files of any names or extensions
– Open the files of any files types (pdf, doc, ppt, jpg,…)
– Print the files from any folder
– Scan folders after deletion
– Scan sub-folders or sub-directories of any folder
– View the files with any file attributes
– Navigate the files by path
– Make a backup of files
– List files by date or file size
– Print the file list
– Get a quick scan of the partition
– Recover the files by MFT, path, name, size, creation date and modified date
– Open the file after scanning
– Check the corrupted files
– Recover the files by regular expression
– Use the batch mode to recover multiple files
– Search files of any names by clicking on the column headers
– Show the hidden files and folders
– Get the text of the file
– Take the picture of the file
– Make a copy of the file
– Create a ZIP file of the file
– Open the encrypted file
– Recover the files from the archive
– Recover the files from the ISO disk image
– Scan ISO disks after deletion
– Recover the files from the CD/DVD image
– Free up space on the selected partition or volume
– Get the properties of any selected files or folders
– Convert the selected files to the selected format
– Move the selected files to the selected folders
– Search files of any names in the selected folders
– Open the selected files in the editor
– Edit the selected files
– Undo the selected files
– Open the

System Requirements:

Operating System:
Minimum: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720
Free Disk Space: 1 GB
Minimum: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10Display: 1280 x 720Other: Free Disk Space: 1 GB
DirectX Version:
Minimum: DirectX 9.0c
Display: DirectX 9.0c
Windows Experience Index: Medium
Video Card:


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