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Set volume, cut, compress and EQ.
Multiple options are available and work in any combination. It is best to learn all controls to get most out of NWMaxx.

NWMaxx is a super accurate, transparent, one-knob maximizer/limiter plugin that also works as a smooth EQ. Volume, Cut, Compress and EQ (Basic/Advanced) controls are available.
KEYMACRO Description:
Adds transient-shaper to any dynamic signal processing chain.
Supports standard AUP port and FX port.
The effect modulates the AUP port; the effect itself can be modulated by its self parameters.

The NWMaxx plugin is a one-knob maximizer/limiter that also works as a smooth EQ. The plugin has a dedicated, separate U-Modulation Control (U-Control) that lets you modulate the plugin itself. It’s for advanced users only. It’s highly recommended to learn all plugin’s controls to get most out of NWMaxx.
KEYMACRO Description:
Adds transient-shaper to any dynamic signal processing chain.
Supports standard AUP port and FX port.
The effect modulates the AUP port; the effect itself can be modulated by its self parameters.

Powerful digital convolution reverb that brings your music to life.
As a convolution reverb, the ZOOM RABRE™ delivers a spacious ambience that envelopes your listener with a fresh and authentic vibe.
Take complete control with easy access to up to 16 independent reverb controls, including a separate mix level control.
Apply 3 different room types to your mix or use the built-in preset library for instant results.
The TRUITY™ FX processor gives you a fully functional pitch correction/delay and envelope shaping effect.
Compatible with the entire Roland lineup including TR-909, TR-808, TR-606 and even the new TR-8.

Envelope Shaping allows you to compress and release a control parameter in real time using custom trigger events. Use it to create dynamic and subtle transition effects in your mixes, easily sculpting the various parts of your mix.

Triggers from the ZOOM RABRE™, as well as envelope control events from other ZOOM units can be routed to the SH 70238732e0

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KeyMacro is a powerful remote control that lets you control your media center, PC or mobile device with a single touch. The simple and straightforward interface offers gesture support for all devices connected to your PC.

SBSettings Description:
SBSettings is an easy-to-use, fast and powerful app to easily turn on and off your iPhone or iPad. The app provides a unified and simple interface, access to over 800 essential options, long press actions, detailed settings, category lists and many more.

AndroIndicator Description:
AndroIndicator is an app that will inform you of upcoming events in your life. The program will automatically scan your iPhone calendar, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and any other online calendar and let you know about any upcoming events. It will also scan your contacts list to see if any important messages are waiting for you.

DragonSpiral Description:
DragonSpiral is a desktop application designed to visualize how your computer would be if you had ten extra cores, which you can add at your own will. You can choose between cores that are more powerful but slower or cores that are slower but better for gaming.

F-Secure SafeZone Description:
It will be useful to have the ultimate protection against malware and spam. F-Secure SafeZone ensures that your phone is safe from malware and spam, even if your phone is connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Filetype Description:
Filetype is a small and simple app that will let you search and preview files, whether or not it’s allowed by the operating system. You will be able to preview the file name, size and date.

iStudiez is a cross-platform study app for mobile phones and tablets. You can download lecture notes, take notes and study at your own pace. You will be able to study anywhere, at any time.

Lookout SecurityDescription:
Lookout is a mobile app that will keep you safe on your smartphone or tablet. With Lookout you will have access to notifications, lock your device remotely, find your lost or stolen device and more.

Product Status Description:
Product Status will show all the information about the product you are buying or planning to buy. You will be able to see product features and specs, and even see how your current smartphone compares to the features of the product you are buying.

Screenbird Description:
Screenbird is a free

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