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Muriels Story


Muriel was the first dog who came to stay with us and was the inspiration for the creation of Home of Heroes. After being retired at just 7 years old, Muriel was briefly adopted by a family in Phnom Penh. Sadly, they could not keep her, and she once again faced an uncertain future between euthanasia and adoption.


De-mining dogs like Muriel need specialist care so this combined with her large size made re-homing a real issue. The choice was clear; she had to come to stay with us, and we had to come up with a way to help her and the many other dogs like her. Home of Heroes was born.


In her lifetime of service, Muriel cleared thousands of square kilometres of land by sniffing out and detecting many unexploded ordinances and landmines buried deep in the ground. Muriel served mostly in Cambodia but also travelled around the world working in many different countries.


Now she is 12 years old, Muriel is enjoying her retirement, and we can’t wait to build her the world’s first dedicated retirement home she has been so instrumental in creating.


Find out more about how we are building Home of Heroes in Cambodia here.


If you would like to adopt Muriel and help with the day to day specialist care, veterinary support, and the building of the center, please follow the button below!


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