Livro Hipnose De Impacto Pdf Download

Livro Hipnose De Impacto Pdf Download


Livro Hipnose De Impacto Pdf Download

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How to get the Id of Ionic Row selected?

I have a row created by the following code:
this.dataItem = new DataItem(
this.dataItems.push(this.dataItem); = this.dataItems.length;

this.dataItems[].update = this.onUpdateDataItem;
this.dataItems[].imageUrl = this.imageUrl;
this.dataItems[].key =;
this.dataItems[].url = this.url;
this.dataItems[].description = this.description;
this.dataItems[].posX = this.posX;
this.dataItems[].posY = this.posY;
this.dataItems[].color = this.color;
this.dataItems[].initiator = this.initiator;
this.dataItems[].visibility = this.visibility;

this.rowData[] = this.dataItems;

this.dataItems[].label = this.label;


The row data is set correctly here.
When I press a button, a delete button is also added to the row.
The delete button code is following:
this.rowData[][‘delete-button’] = ‘

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