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LepideAuditor Suite Crack+ [Mac/Win] (Final 2022)

This complete and versatile System Audit, Monitoring and Reporting System enables us to get complete and confident information about the system, to predict critical problems before they occur and to capture invaluable data for record.
With LepideAuditor Suite you can view the system status in real time, track and monitor all the changes in time and obtain the critical information for each instance. The application runs on Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista.
LepideAuditor Suite Features:
Monitor at a glance with LepideAuditor:
– Quick View
– Free/Customizable Dashboard, Table and Calendar tab. You can customize colors, fonts and even add new bar charts and graphs.
– Active / Deactive
– Operates on a SINGLE instance.
– Calendar View.
– Maintain a history of selected changes.
– Show changes / alerts on PPT, Dashboard and Table / Calendar.
– Save the last generated data.
– Save the last generated data.
Create alerts with LepideAuditor:
– Internal Alerts
– Once you set an alert you will receive an alert every time an event changes. You can set the alert frequency, the trigger value and even specify that an alert must be enabled.
– External Alerts
– You can define a scheduled event that will be tracked by LepideAuditor, and when the event occurs, an alert will be sent. There are three triggers that may occur: manually, when the Application starts, and, more importantly, automatically.
– Email Alerts
– When an alert is triggered, the report is sent to your email address.
– Maximum of 32 alerts can be configured
Send alerts over email and SMS:
– Internal & External
– SMS can be configured to send alerts to your phone.
– SMS can be delivered to your Exchange Server.
– Internal and external alerts are sent to the Mail Server with the email or SMS.
Create reports:
– Graphical View
– With years data & history, you can generate a couple of graphs. Graph Type: QAT, PAA, ISOD, YTD and PERIODIC, and graphs: bar, pie, line, line with text label, histogram, bar with text label.
– Daily View
– You can design a graphical report for the last day, the last 30 days and the last 90 days.
– Textual View
– You can generate a text report. Summary, Detailed, and

LepideAuditor Suite Crack Serial Number Full Torrent For Windows

LepideAuditor Suite Cracked Version is an application for monitoring group Policy changes. The main objective of the application is to facilitate the monitoring of GPOs and the tracking of changes. The application is able to identify changes which then generate notifications and alerts. The application also allows to schedule updates to avoid any disruptions to system operation.

What’s new in this release:

* Added and corrected the old interface.
* Added SQL Monitoring option.
* Added SSL Certification to the Active Directory interface.
* Added Support for SQL Servers.
* Added the Server Autonomous Features Summary to the Health Monitoring Report.
* Added the 4.0.1 Feature to the Health Monitoring Report.
* Added the Active Directory Autonomous Features Summary to the Health Monitoring Report.
* Added the 4.0.1 Feature to the Health Monitoring Report.
* Fix the Start-up dialog’s size.

* Addition of an administrator’s note in the Health Monitoring tab.
* Fix the description under the Health Monitoring tab.
* Fix the compatibility with Windows Server 2008.
* Addition of new icons to the Dashboard.
* Added a custom password to the members of the Local Administrator Group.
* Correct the installation of the package.
* Fix the missing files of “Internet” folder and icons.
* Various bug fixes.

* Fix the password box.
* Fix the missing files of the “Internet” folder and the Administrator’s note.
* Adjust the Compatibility of the Desktop Icon.
* Fix the missing files of the “Internet” folder.

* Addition of the Operating System features.
* Fix the missing files of the “Internet” folder.

* New operating system features: User Group membership, Family Group membership, Domain Group membership,
Domain Autonomous Account feature, Local System Account feature, Local User Account feature,
Application Autonomous Account feature, Default Domain Policy feature and Default Group Policy feature.
* New icons.
* Adjust the Desktop Icon.
* Adjust the License Agreement.
* Adjust the Company Name.
* Change the language of the Health Monitoring tab.
* Change the description under the Administration tab.
* Correct the missing files.
* Fix the

LepideAuditor Suite With Key For Windows

– A comprehensive application to supervise all servers, databases and group policies in active directory, exchange server, sql server and sharepoint server.
– Managing the policy life cycle.
– Centralized administration of audit activities.
– The program is run on the server, not on your computer.
– Interactive dashboard that shows the current status of all audit objects that you monitor.
– Periodical audit activity reports and health monitoring reports.
– Generates alerts and provides history of activity monitoring.
– Audit logs saved in the designated configuration files or database.
– Read all available scripts used for audit objects.
– Ability to restore the settings of the domain controllers.
– Weekly, monthly or daily schedule report generation.
– Retrieve audits activities from AD directly or by querying a Sharepoint server.
– Receive email alerts when critical alerts occurred.
– Restore previous status of the managed objects.

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What’s New In?

LepideAuditor Suite gives you the power to monitor group policies changes, group policy objects and server / database instances – without installing additional software on them. Your policies are complied automatically whenever the server is rebooted, without you having to manually reboot the servers.
LepideAuditor Suite is a comprehensive application designed to monitor group Policy changes and notify the administrators of critical issues. The application can analyze the status of the monitored instance, at regular intervals and record it, then generate a periodical report. You may thus observe changes and general tendencies.
Server and database monitoring
LepideAuditor Suite is designed to supervise several instances, namely Active Directory, Exchange Server and Group policy, SQL Server or a SharePoint Server. If you administer a server, you can configure the audit process for your particular domain. Simply specify the domain name or IP and the desired audit components.
In case you wish to supervise an SQL server, you need to connect to it, whether it is installed at a local or remote destination. Select the desired databases, server objects and users that you wish to audit. Once the connection is established, you can view the Dashboard, the main tab, which, in time, is populated with charts indicating activity.
Generate periodical audit reports
Aside from the overview offered by the Dashboard tab, LepideAuditor Suite allows you to view changes and effects in the audit reports. The results are displayed in a table and can be filtered by Object name, who created it, the creation date, the operation, the application used and the script. Alternatively, you may display the same report in graph or calendar view.
The program can highlight critical changes, that indicate high differences than previous values and notify you or other users – team members, clients, suppliers. The issues are displayed in a separate tab, Alerts, which is split into Auditing Alerts and Health Monitoring Alerts.
Reliable report scheduler
LepideAuditor Suite allows you to schedule the generation of activity / health monitoring reports, for the selected databases / Group Policies. The results are stored and displayed in the designated tab, but you can also set the application to notify you over email when alerts occur. The program also allows you to restore the active Directory or the Group Policy Objects to a previous state by running available backups.
LepideAuditor Suite Description:
LepideAuditor Suite gives you the power to monitor group policies changes, group policy objects and server / database instances –

System Requirements:

– Windows 7 or higher (32 or 64-bit)
– An Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2400+ with at least 1GB of RAM
– 200 MB free hard disk space (5 GB free space is recommended)
– DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with at least 512 MB of video memory
– 8 GB free hard disk space is recommended to install the latest Thief’s Deep Shadows mod pack
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Install at least 8 GB of free space


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