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Autodesk Power Design Suite 2018, 100H1. Autodesk Power Design Suite 2018. 4e9d31a4ee.Q:

Does a principal component analysis on a different scale lead to different results than a complete PCA?

I have a dataset that has 165 variables (with hundreds of thousands of obs. and ~ 100 variables).
When I do a PCA on the whole dataset, I get two principal components (60% and 40%). When I re-scale the dataset to display the first two variables, the PCA tells me that the first principal component is 100% and the second is 60%. My question is:
Is it common for the PCA on the same scale to yield results that differs from the complete PCA? I mean to say: isn’t it possible that the two principal components have different percentage?


Yes. PCA is not given by a formula, it is an approximation – and the approximation is supposed to be as good as the data. Some of the data are noisy and hence their values for the principal components vary, but the approximation algorithm works with all data in their original scales.

Proteomics Reveals Damaged Erythrocyte Membranes During Acute Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia Syndrome.
Thrombotic thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) is an acquired hemolytic anemia characterized by microangiopathic hemolytic anemia with decreased platelet count and platelet thrombi in small vessels. To gain further insights into the pathology of TTS, we conducted proteomic analyses of erythrocytes and platelets from 12 patients with TTS and 6 healthy controls. As a result, we identified 3 peptides specific to TTS patients. Two peptides were identified as parts of α-enolase and a proteasome subunit. The third peptide was identified as part of a protein kinase C (PKC) isoform ε (PKCε). In our previous study, PKCε overexpression was found in patients with TTS, and it was thought to be responsible for the degradation of phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate. Thus, these results indicate that PKCε is involved in the damage of erythrocyte membranes in TTS patients.This invention relates to an apparatus for controlling the flow of material

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How to find the file on the remote machine to which this local path refers?

I am copying files to my Windows 10 machine using following command:
xcopy “\\\Folder\myfile.xlsx” “C:\Backup” -rec -s -k

The destination of my file is in remote machine (as IP address, and destination Folder is not accessible.

How can I get the remote machine name, which this local path refers to?
How can I get the remote path to this remote machine?

I tried the following, but it was always returning 0:
echo %~2

On my Windows 10 machine, I can execute
xcopy /?

I’m trying to use the command from command line.


If you need the remote machine name in the remote machine, you can use command line like this:

xcopy “\\\Folder\myfile.xlsx” “C:\Backup” /C /E /H /K /P:W

You can double check the arguments by typing this:
xcopy /?

/C copy destination folder.
/E force overwrite of destination files.
/H ignore backed up files.
/K copy without prompt and confirm whether files are copied.
/P:W overwrite permission mask.

/? explains all the arguments

To get the remote path in remote machine, you can use Psexec tool from the Windows Server, like this:

psexec \\ cmd


Simple Multi Level Drop Down using Bootstrap

I would like to ask if anybody would be able to give me a hand with a simple example of Multi Level Drop Down using Bootstrap 3.4.1. I was trying to use the form-control class of boostrap, as I saw there is a wonderful example in this post:
How to generate a multi-level select using bootstrap 3?
But the problem is, it didn’t work for me.
My attempt looks like this:

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