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– To use the bar from song title, you can hit enter from keyboard after selecting the song title (it will be highlighted on the top).
– To use the bar from song artist (if you have multiple songs of same artist), you can hit enter from keyboard after selecting the song artist (it will be highlighted on the top).
– To download song from internet, you can click the download icon from keyboard (it will open the browser, after hitting enter it will start downloading).
– To view the lyrics, you can click the lyrics button from keyboard (it will open the lyrics)
– To clear the song data, you can hit the clear song button from keyboard (it will clear the song and artist from the UI and reset the timer for the lyrics to be downloaded).

## Sample Code:

//#define CACHE_RESET_IN_SECOND (60 * 1000) // Reset (download) song and lyrics every 10 seconds
#define CACHE_RESET_IN_MINUTE (CACHE_RESET_IN_SECOND/60) // Reset (download) song and lyrics every minute
#define CACHE_RESET_IN_HOUR (CACHE_RESET_IN_MINUTE/60) // Reset (download) song and lyrics every hour
#define CACHE_RESET_IN_DAY (CACHE_RESET_IN_HOUR/24) // Reset (download) song and lyrics every day

//Lyrics component by foo uie lyrics

#include “uc.h”
#include “uiconfig.h”

#include “../../../../src/foobar2000.h”

void foo_init(void);

void foo_shutdown(void);

int foo_ui_version(void) {return 0;}

int foo_ui_init(void) { return 0;}

int foo_ui_control(Control_t *control) { return 0;}

int foo_ui_add(const char *name, UIElement_t *widget) { return 0;}

int foo_ui_control_all(Control_t *control) { return 0;}

int foo_ui_draw(DrawElement_t *element) { return 70238732e0

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Input and output:

To start the workflow, the program allows you to select input files in the All Files dialog. Once you do that, you need to specify, where to store the text files, created as a result of your actions. TextPipe Lite uses the default directory, which you can change from the “Settings” tab.
With the Output tab, you can choose where to save the edited text. You can also specify the output format, if it is not specified automatically. The application allows you to select if you want the final text to be saved with a.txt extension, or to be edited afterwards, depending on your needs.

The controls allow you to select text that needs to be filtered, and start the search and replace operation.
Search For:

The text to search is specified here, using the regular expression. You can also select the case of words, if you want, so that all words are searched in lowercase or uppercase.
Replace With:

The replacement string is specified here. You can also edit the value by adding it to the “Global Values” tab, and by using the “OK” button at the bottom-right corner. The program allows you to use some of the regular expressions listed in the field, so that you can filter text using some of the popular expressions.

This button opens the result of the search and replace operation.

This tab contains some filters that are listed in the application, so you can choose which of them you want to use for your text processing.

You can also customize the filters created by the program by saving them to the Application Data folder. The filters are saved in a XML format, which you can open in your favorite text editor. This tab is of particular importance, when creating new filters, or editing the ones you have created earlier.

This tab opens advanced properties of filters, such as, for example, changing the order in which they are executed, or toggling them off.
FILTER LIST Description:

There are many filters listed in the application, starting from the simplest ones, like the one for searching for an even number of spaces. Some filters are implemented using functions, that operate directly with the text files and can process them in several ways.
The program includes some ready-to-use filters, such as, for example

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