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Why MVC4 is not able to load a controller?

I have downloaded the MVC4 from codeplex. When I try to run the application it gives the error that

Could not load type ‘Fujitsu.Dynamics.Models.controllers.CustomersController’.

I have updated the project’s nuget references with the latest version and tried to run the project several times but it gives the same error.
I have also used the IIS express to debug the application but it still gives the same error.


You may find that a reference to a different version of the same library is causing the problem.
Check your project properties -> Application -> > References ->
Use the full version of the DLL from your project and rebuild.

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court brings to the forefront for Democrats a familiar and toxic issue: money in politics.

In recent years, the fear of billionaires and corporations buying elections has helped to engender populist outrage against party elites who control the levers of power on Capitol Hill. It’s a popular sentiment that could offer Democrats a new rallying point on the campaign trail.

That’s one reason why progressives are girding for battle against Mr. Kavanaugh, who will be confirmed by the Senate on Saturday. But Democrats aren’t alone in fearing that the rich and powerful are subverting our government by influencing elections through campaign contributions.

Some conservatives have also come to worry that they are being outflanked by a wealthy and powerful group of activists who seem to have more influence over the Republican Party than the donor class.

“The rule of unfettered economic and political power is both dangerous and oppressive,” wrote the Conservative Political Action Committee in its official policy statement on the Supreme Court. “The left’s effort to constrain the First Amendment in the name of protecting speech and promoting equality has only served to protect the insidious influence of wealthy political elites and special interests.”Q:

How to prove that the sum of two positive roots of a polynomial is negative

Let $$f(x)=x^6+x^5+4x^4-2x^3-2x^2-3x+1$$
How to prove that if $x_1$ is a positive root of

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