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— Features —
Intuitive interface. i-Fun Viewer is designed with all the functions you need to work with images right in front of you. Double-click on a photo to access all the functions you need and explore all the options available in the app’s interface.
Gain access to all the functions i-Fun Viewer provides for all your images in a few clicks.
Panorama. Easily pan your images. When viewing multiple images of the same size, panning them all in unison is easier than ever.
Crop. Crop your images to your liking with just a few clicks.
Rotate. Rotate all the images in your panorama.
Flip. Flip all the images to the right.
Mirror. Flip the photos.
Zoom. Zoom in and out in the viewfinder.
Enhance. View and enhance images with a range of effects, including minification, brightness, contrast and others.
Adjust. Adjust all the applied effects.
Image Editing. Bring out your artistic skills and quickly enhance and even apply effects and manipulations to your images.
Advanced Editing. Have a look at the extensive help for detailed instructions.
Slideshow. Slideshow with the images in your panorama.
Sort by Name. Sort images by name.
Filter. Filter images by file type and resolution.
Favorites. Customize your Favorites with folders, tags and photos.
Add and view Favorites. Add images and folders to your Favorites to access quickly.
Add as Favorite. Add images to your Favorites by clicking the +.
View Favorites. View your Favorites from any thumbnail.
Folders. Customize your folders by creating new folders.
Add a New Folder. Add a new folder.
View a Folder. View the images inside the folder.
Add a Folder. Add a folder to Favorites to have all your Favorites easily accessible.
View a Folder. View the images inside the folder.
Tag. Create tags for your images.
Add a Tag. Add a tag.
View a Tag. View the images with the tag.
Reminder. Define when you want a reminder to automatically open all the folders and remove the files from your computer.
Settings. Configure the most important options in the app.
Keyboard Shortcuts. The app supports keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work.
Replay. Set up a replay of the app’s commands.

I-Fun Viewer Torrent Free [Mac/Win]

Have you ever wanted to make your own Mac macros? Sure, you can just use iStat Menus, but there are lots of different commands you can use that we have compiled for you right here in this blog post!
Macros allow you to automate actions in OS X. A Mac Macro is a set of Mac commands you can create that will be triggered by an event. Some Mac macros are very simple. You can create a text macro and have it copy a message to your clipboard or print a document.
The important thing to remember with Macros is that you need to have a list of all of the commands that you want your Mac Macro to have in the order that you want them to run. For example, if you want your Mac Macro to have two options, one to print a document and one to copy a document, you need to have the first option at the top and the second option at the bottom of your Mac Macro. If you have this setup correctly, you can simply press the “Trigger” option to run the entire set of Mac commands in the correct order.
Here are a few examples of Macros we suggest you create and use if you want to begin using Macros in OS X.
Save a Favorite Document
This Macro allows you to specify the Finder Window that you would like your document to be saved in. You can use a new Finder Window or the Finder Window where you had opened the document originally. After you have saved the file, you can trigger this macro and it will open the new document.
Close an Application
This Macro allows you to specify which application you would like to close. You can set this Macro to close your web browser or your email client. You can also close specific tabs in a web browser or specific email messages in an email client.
Browse My Computer
This Macro allows you to browse your computer for a file. You can specify the location and you can specify the name of the file that you want. The Macro will then find the file for you and print it out to the printer. You can also select a specific printer.
Logout of Apple Remote Desktop
This Macro allows you to logout of your Apple Remote Desktop session. When you are logged in to your Apple Remote Desktop, you can set this Macro to trigger the Apple Remote Desktop logout.
Run a script
This Macro allows you to run a command in OS X. You can use this to start applications such as TextEdit, iCal, or any other application that you

I-Fun Viewer Crack + Activation Download X64

image viewer that includes thumbnailing, caching, clipping, annotation and more! It is a program you can use to view and examine image files.
– Thumbnails:
* Thumbnail View of images in file list
* Thumbnails for individual images
* Thumbnail View of individual images in image viewer
* Thumbnails in image list (gallery view)
* Allows you to view images with little to no thumbnails.
* Copy image to clipboard
* Image annotation
– File viewer:
* Easy to use file viewer
* Displays information about the files
* Browse through the directory
* Crop an image
* Crop an image from a file list
* Crop an image from an individual image
* Crop an image from an image viewer
* Crop an image from an image list
* Right-click on an image, and select Paste into folder.
* Cut an image from a file list
* Cut an image from an individual image
* Cut an image from an image viewer
* Cut an image from an image list
* Cut an image from a folder
* Copy image to clipboard
– Image Copier:
* Easily copy any image to the clipboard
* Click on an image, and select “Copy to Clipboard”.
* Edit an image from clipboard (in palette).
– File Manager:
* View an image file
* View image properties
* Edit image properties
– Image Editor:
* Open an image file in an external editor
* Select multiple images for copying to clipboard
* Move images
* Delete images
– Image Masking:
* Cut and Paste
* Fill an image
* Rotate an image
– Image rotation:
* Rotate an image counter clockwise
* Rotate an image clockwise
– Image copy to clipboard:
* Paste image from clipboard
* Drag and drop images
– Image scanner:
* Open an image file
* Scan an image file and save to file
– Text annotation:
* Draw text on an image
* Draw text on a selected area
– Digital Camera support:
* Import pictures from a digital camera
* Export pictures to a digital camera
* Preview pictures on a digital camera
* Import image files from a digital camera to the file list
– Database viewer:
* View an image in a database file
– Image type detection:
* Detect the type of an image
* Detect type of a

What’s New In I-Fun Viewer?

i-Fun Viewer is a rich-featured image viewer that supports the most popular formats out there and comes with a straightforward interface to interact with its users.
The application boasts thumbnail support for seamless browsing, but it also offers memory and disc caching to make everything very fast.
What’s more, the multi-panel GUI requires just a double-click to view a photo in full-screen, while all the other features are accessible via the toolbar at the top of the main window.
You can add folders to favorites and access the photos with just a few clicks, but i-Fun Viewer provides a lot more than that. There are dedicated tools to quickly move or copy a photo to a specific location on your local disks or to a favorite folder, while the app also lets you copy the image to clipboard or send it by mail.
Another good thing about this application concerns the photo editing features that provide you even more control over the pictures stored locally. It supports JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, Bitmaps (BMP, RLE and DIB), TIFF, Metafiles (WMF and EMF), Icons (ICO), PNG, PCX, TGA, PBM, PGM and PPM.
It enables you for instance to rotate, flip, crop, resize and apply a series of filters and effects to any loaded photo, while the app can also launch an external editor for a more advanced editing process.
As you can see, there are tons of features available in i-Fun Viewer and it could all take a while until you explore all its goodies, but a help manual is always available to lend you a hand in this regard.
Overall, i-Fun Viewer is one of the most advanced free image viewers on the market, with a very intuitive interface and plenty of features aimed at rookies and those more experienced alike.
Windows 2000 or higher

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