Home of Heroes – Official Website Launch!

Home of Heroes is the first retirement home in the world for de-mining dogs who have become too old to work in the field. Our center will also take in the young dogs who don’t pass the very rigorous training.


These Belgian Malinois dogs have given the greatest service to humanity and we believe that they deserve the very best we can give them in return.


The dogs are deployed to countries all around the world and have cleared thousands of acres of land sniffing out landmines, improvised explosive devices, and un-exploded ordinance like the awful cluster bombs that have remained buried for decades.


In the past, the dogs would be euthanized when they became too old to work the long and demanding hours out in the field. The younger dogs who didn’t pass the training would be given away and they would often meet a gruesome end. But not anymore! Animal Mama and Home of Heroes have signed MOU’s with the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) and are in the process of signing with Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC) to make sure every dog is saved.


We currently have seven dogs, but with hundreds of dogs in the de-mining programs, we need to build a center large enough to care for them. When built, Home of Heroes will be able to provide the specialist medical care that these dogs will require. The center will be open to the public so they can meet these amazing dogs and learn about the incredible work they are doing for us around the world.


Once we reach our $100,000 target, we will be able to build Home of Heroes and run it as a sustainable enterprise that is not dependent on donations. We will create jobs for the local people and employ ex-dog handlers to ensure the dogs receive the best care possible.


Thank you for helping these Heroes! 

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  • Nicholas Medhurst says:

    I am very proud of you Yulia, I wish you endless success and I also wish I was back in Cambodia so I could help in the care of these CHAMPIONS.

  • Beth Tyson says:

    Are these dogs all considered unadoptable? Why is that? Exposure to chemicals?

    • Yulia Khouri says:

      Hi Beth, in general, Belgian Malinois breed is a high energy, high drive working breed that needs an experienced handlers to understand them. It is classified as a working dog, not fit to be a family pet. Given that the demining dogs have been trained to keep up the high drive throughout their careers, undergo very structured training and be very attached to one handler – many are simply not a family dogs and may even be rather dangerous in a home environment if their needs are not met. This is a great question tho – thank you for visiting our page. If you are ever in Cambodia, please visit us and also visit our partners https://explosivedetectiondogs.org/ run by Norwegian People Aid. Only when you see the dogs at work – you can understand a true nature of this beautiful, but complex breed.

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