HD Online Player (Tinkerbell Secret Of The Wings 2012 ) ((HOT)) 👉

HD Online Player (Tinkerbell Secret Of The Wings 2012 ) ((HOT)) 👉

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HD Online Player (Tinkerbell Secret Of The Wings 2012 )

an accidental pressure on blanc’s leg causes her to lose her balance. she ends up hugging neptune. blanc apologizes for causing the problem and neptune responds that it is okay, in fact it is just the beginning. blanc tries to restrain herself but ends up pinning blanc down. blanc asks what neptune meant, but neptune did not answer. suddenly, tetra is summoned by neptune.

the 4 goddesses were in a tavern, playing hide and seek with blanche and neptune. blanc agrees to play the game with blue heart since neptune is busy. when she was about to go, neptune calls her bluff. blanc thinks the person who called her bluff is a very clever woman. blanc praises her ability but also says that she will have to watch her mouth because of black heart. while neptune finds this funny, black heart comments that it is not really funny. blanc compliments black heart that she has great hands. without warning, black heart pushes blanc who falls down and breaks her leg. black heart apologizes for pushing blanc, but she wants no trouble. neptune thinks this is a bad timing for fighting. black heart reminds them that they agreed to have fun, and that was why she pushed blanc. neptune agrees, but blanche says it was not really her idea to have fun. she suggests that they ask the whole place for help. black heart replies that if people think something is funny, they’ll say yes to whatever they want. neptune and blanche are surprised but their game is interrupted. before the other cpus can start their game, blanc grabs black heart and spits on her.

the cpus prepare to play their game. the goddesses who are playing are all very excited. starting with blanche, they ask for her help in guessing whose hand is whose while the other cpus do not say anything. black heart goes first. she gives a goose and black heart wins her round. neptune thinks she did not reveal her own hand. blanc praises black heart for her well-thought strategy and asks what it is about. black heart replies that the thought is to think of what they should do and the result is nothing like they would expect. neptune says that it is not true. this is because they used to be 4 goddesses so they would be familiar with each others’ style. black heart adds that they can’t exactly be angry with her. neptune tells them to stop that foolishness. black heart advises that the answer is that they will play a game together. they are to play for their own comfort by each guessing what the others are thinking. black heart says that is the easiest. they will each guess what the others are thinking. to tease blanc, black heart uses the same hand gesture she used on neptune. blanc guesses that she used the same hand gesture on neptune, so she is sure it is that of neptune. blue heart, white heart, and green heart enjoy this little game. as they celebrate, blanc tells them that black heart will be punished for cheating. black heart simply says that she will never cheat again. then blanche asks neptune why she did it. neptune says that she did it so that they would trust her, but they will never learn that she can not be trusted. blanche thinks that she is innocent and is just repeating the same scenario as before. the cpus all compliment black heart. blanc’s alarm is sounded, and she asks black heart how long she can continue to play like this. black heart says that she does not know how long it will be.

gm tells neptune she used to play z2. they became friends and neptune invited her along on her adventures. the two of them became close friends and neptune worked together with her to build up her z2 game. before z2, neptune always felt there was something missing in her game. she always felt that she was not the best and was not satisfied with herself. but she thought she was lucky to have two friends with her to cheer her on. after z2, neptune will never be happy unless she can keep up with black cat princess. neptune is so excited, she isn’t thinking straight. she tells bouquet she is sure they are going to win.
at the end of the battle, all of the fairies have gotten their revenge. everyone continues to make their way into the big bad’s castle. a bizarre sight greets them. some people are floating in the air. the fairies crash-land on the ground. kiria and black cat princess prepare to leave. bouquet wonders where they are going. neptune tells her to stay there. neptune, neptune, black cat princess and kiria leave. neptune whispers to the fairies and asks if it’s a good idea to leave. she also wonders why black cat princess or kiria did not carry out their planned attacks on the other players. bouquet tells neptune that she must work on refining her skills. she understands that kiria is also a novice. neptune thinks she might want to get to know her better.
black cat princess jumps into the portal to her world. neptune’s curiosity gets the better of her. she turns to look back and sees her friend float away. black cat princess’ mask has slipped off. neptune saw the enchanting facial features. neptune sees herself in the reflection of the mask. she smiles and says it is even better than she imagined. black cat princess laughs, grabs neptune by her shoulders and shes smooches her. neptune wraps her arms around her. black cat princess breaks free and leaves neptune behind. neptune starts to laugh like crazy. she asks if black cat princess was really a fairy in disguise. black cat princess laughs, asking why neptune is so happy. they hug each other again. black cat princess runs towards kiria’s world.


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