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KEYMACRO is a small application that lets you convert the video on your computer to DVD, to help you share or burn videos with friends or family. It works on any Windows-based computer.
KEYMACRO handles both Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. It does not need any external software or drivers, so you do not need to download any programs to run it.
If you have a video on your computer that you want to burn to DVD, KEYMACRO is an easy way to do so. It’s compatible with both PAL and NTSC video files. Once you burn it, you can use the DVD in your computer or watch it on any TV.
You can have multiple input files open and run multiple tasks simultaneously. You can edit the duration of the task and set your encoding parameters. You can trim, crop and rotate the videos before burning. You can preview the output file before burning. And when you’re ready to burn, you can set the format of the DVD and burn the file to disc.
On Windows 7, there’s a new screen layout that’s easier to use.
For specific features, KEYMACRO offers the following options:
– Convert PAL or NTSC video to DVD
– Burn your files to DVD
– Play your DVD
– Edit video files
– Burn to USB flash drive
– Overlay subtitles
– Edit subtitles
– Edit DVD menu
– Edit DVD chapters
– Convert files to Audio CD
– Adjust audio volume
– Use built-in encoder
– Burn as ISO
– Add custom image
– Add custom menu
– Set time and date
– Jump to a specific time
– Jump to a specific time, second
– Jump to a specific time, minute
– Jump to a specific time, hour
– Jump to a specific time, day
– Jump to a specific time, month
– Jump to a specific time, year
– Jump to a specific time, date
– Set as default program
– Set as default program (for your user)
– Change default settings
– Set default settings
– Use default settings
– Overwrite the existing file
– Reset to factory settings
– Export video as MP4 or MP3
– Extract audio as MP3
– Extract audio as WAV
– Extract audio as OGG
– Extract audio as AAC
– Extract audio as FLAC
– Extract audio as AC3
– Extract audio as DTS
– Extract audio as M 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO, a keyboard macro program, allows you to preset the keyboard keys and perform predefined tasks. In addition, you can create and edit the key definitions with the help of the program’s user-friendly editor.
What does the KEYMACRO have to offer?
Thanks to the KEYMACRO’s accurate editor you can define your own keyboard actions. Since it can handle any file format, you can convert the information about the mouse, menus and other commonly used functions.
Perform complex operations
The program also provides you with a powerful set of macros that allow you to perform complex operations. From performing a click, to changing the keyboard layout, you can easily perform tasks without having to press the relevant keys. For example, you can create an action that activates the map when you press the “Shift” key and open a specific website when you press the “Ctrl” key.
Save and edit macros
The editor also allows you to easily edit the currently running macros. Additionally, you can easily import them from different apps.
It all starts here
It’s all about arranging functions in a way that gives you all the functions you need without breaking the keyboard.
Keyboard shortcuts
You can easily adjust the keyboard shortcuts to your liking. For example, you can define a specific sequence of keys to open a specific website, open a file, switch between tabs, etc.
Simple to use
The program’s simple interface allows you to quickly set up a macro that will perform any task you need.
Everything you need
The KEYMACRO comes with all the features you need. From converting data, to executing macros and keyboard shortcuts.
Other features:
Change the layout of the macros.
Categorize macros.
Automatically reset all the categories.
Import/export macros.
Write macros with other apps (VBScript).
Mouse macros.
Simplified help in the form of keyboard.
Auto save.
Allows you to quickly record macros.
Search for keyboard shortcuts.
Switch to other apps.
Supports other scripts and languages.
Simply Organize your Macros
Take your time to organize all your macros in a way that works for you.
Compatible file types:
csv, txt, html,.ini,.doc,.odt,.pdf,.docx,.xlsx,.xlsm,.rtf,.odp,.pdf.
Data Converter Description:
Data Converter is


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