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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






“With the introduction of HyperMotion Technology, we are able to evolve the FIFA experience for a more realistic and authentic experience. All of the data collected during the FIFA gameplay is used to enhance the game experience and create an even more engaging and complete football simulation,” said Cesar Fernandez, FIFA Technical Director. “Data is collected on a very high-intensity, real-life match using a combination of accelerometers, force-sensing gloves, gyroscopes and micro-electromechanical systems. It is then processed, saved and used to improve key elements of the game experience.”


Matchday in FIFA 22 brings with it a wide variety of exciting new features. The most notable of these is an expanded Squad Builder, with an all new ‘Quickbuild’ function, as well as a new system that allows players to define who they play for, as well as report them for poor behaviour.


The ‘Team Manager’ function, which has remained a staple of FIFA since its inception, has been completely redone to give players more control over their team. FIFA 22 introduces Trench Warfare, ‘self-enhancement’ and extensive goalkeeping practice sessions.

“Team Manager” is one of the most important new features in FIFA 22. The squad building process has been completely re-worked to put more control in your hands. This means that you will no longer have to rely on the game to create a team suitable for you. Players can now take a significant role in creating their own fantasy teams from scratch.


With the help of professional scouts and recommendation systems, teams are now more aware of players who may have not been considered in the past, such as promising youngsters. You will be able to check a player’s statistics and career record, which are now presented in a more detailed way, complete with goals, assists and the number of shots on goal.

A new feature: Passing Accuracy.

Players now receive a passing rating, based on their proficiency in using the ball while dribbling. It’s divided into three categories: ‘elite’, ‘elite-plus’ and ‘master-plus.’ A player


DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Features Key:

  • Create your dream team of the world’s best players including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and more.
  • Work on your skills including dribbling, crossing, shooting, passing and more.
  • Choose where to compete by playing against club or country.
  • Earn rewards and bragging rights by winning global and local tournaments.


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FIFA is the premier global sports franchise of sports video games. FIFA is a series of sports video games published by Electronic Arts. EA Canada developed the first version of the game. For EA Canada’s 10th anniversary, the series was fully re-developed by EA Tiburon.

Players are able to select from more than 500 club teams, compete against other gamers over a number of different modes, and win the Champions League by managing teams, players, and tactics to build a winning team. Each team can have a maximum of 24 players on the field at once.

The series became an international phenomenon when the 1999 FIFA release was played on a scale that had not been seen in other sports, with over 100 million copies sold worldwide.


Fifa 22 Cracked 2022 Latest Version will feature multiple improvements that will help bring the game closer to real-world football, including a new “Control Intelligence System” that provides more precise ball control and dribbling, and a brand new Move Engine that allows players to modify their player characteristics, such as agility and stamina, by exchanging player attributes.

Another signature feature is the inclusion of transfers. Players can buy players directly or complete career contracts. Players can also earn loyalty by playing and developing their on-pitch skill in the sandbox. Off-field actions include revenue generation opportunities. Earn Points in the Scoreboard mode and receive sponsor rewards, such as playable players and in-game merchandise. Additional player attributes will also be offered through the Community Market.

Also a new feature of the game is the all-new International Friendlies mode. International Friendlies is a brand new career mode that allows players to progress and manage a football club on-pitch experience all around the world, and with the added bonus of recruiting a squad of up to 24 players to join them.

Developed By

The EA SPORTS FIFA team is a group of passionate individuals that work together to create sports simulation games. The international development studio is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and is staffed by over 100 members.


EA Canada and EA SPORTS Canada are the industry-leading creators of sports video games. They are the only sports game development studios to have published a worldwide number one selling video game, “FIFA 99” in 1999, and also one of the most highly-rated sports games on the Playstation 1. The EA Canada teams have consistently won awards for their game design innovation and are a recognized leader in sports simulation games.

Fifa 22 Cracked 2022 Latest Version introduces 6,


Fifa 22 Free [Updated-2022]

Create a dream team of the best 11 players from around the world with over 10,000 real deals and 1,000 completely new players.

FIFA Mobile – For the first time ever in the FIFA franchise, players will be able to experience the thrill of the World Cup on their mobile devices. With FIFA Mobile, enjoy the ultimate World Cup experience, including the official logos of the host country, features from the World Cup hosts Brazil, top venues and stadiums, and more. Play daily matches and challenge friends to competitions and tournaments to earn rewards that help build your dream squad.

EA SPORTS Season Ticket – Enjoy the best gameplay and most in-depth tournaments and competitions throughout the year, including the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup. From the preseason to the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the UEFA European Championships, EA SPORTS Season Ticket gives fans the ultimate soccer experience – all in one place.

Daily Challenges – Every day, you’ll have the chance to play through new challenges in FIFA Mobile and FIFA Ultimate Team.

Special Editions –
Brazilian Football and The World Cup – Play your way into Brazil 2014 and stay up to date with the action throughout the entire tournament with in-game content, videos, and content shared on

The Journey: The World Cup – In FIFA, you play your way into Brazil, helping the local teams make history and earn their way onto the global stage.

New Brand Identity – FIFA World Cup’s new identity features all-new buttons and menu graphics and a redesigned set of kits for each country to celebrate the new official uniforms for the new host nation.

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What’s new:

  • Improved Player Intelligence.
  • New Playing Styles.
  • Enhanced Player Radar.
  • New Tactical AI.
  • New Assisted Roles.
  • Enhanced Player Awareness.
  • Improved Skill Drills.
  • Improved Player Impact.
  • Enhanced Ball Physics.
  • Improved Player Paths.
  • Improved Player Trajectories.
  • Improved Player Controls.
  • Auto face-checks.
  • Improved Player Sound Effects.
  • Improved Player Stance.


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Football is the universal language of sport. FIFA brings the joy of playing the world’s favourite sport on the biggest stages to your living room, with over 10 million players worldwide. Experience football through the eyes of over 700 officially licensed players from over 50 nations, create and play your own custom teams and tournaments, and compete in leagues with more than 10 million players. FIFA continues the great tradition of innovation and authenticity that the series is known for.

New Features

Dynamic 3D Locomotion

Bring the game to life with more realistic acceleration and speed, sharper transitions and more precise movements – right down to the last foot of a tackle.

Establish superiority with the new Cover Engine System (C.E.S.), which dynamically simulates cover reactions to help you dominate the game from the first pass.

Smarter AI

AI intelligence has been enhanced to give every player new awareness and key decisions, and to adapt their play to the new approach in dribbling, passing and timing.

New Progression System

Get the most out of FIFA’s new PROGRESS system which unlocks rewards through play based on your level of skill, and provides you with personalized progression for Pro Clubs.

New Player Development

New Personalities

Over 700 player modes

Over 700 player modes

A new season of innovation with immersive Tactical Defending

New immersive Tactical Defending system, designed to put even more pressure on opponents


Get the most from your stadium with LiveMatch enhancements – including new crowds, stadium atmospheres and player appearances – and all-new commentary in the post-match interviews

Fantastic Features

Free-Kick Defenders

Defend your penalty area by getting in the way of free kicks, or even take an attack-minded approach by encouraging attackers to take up position inside the box for penalty kicks.

Defend your penalty area by getting in the way of free kicks, or even take an attack-minded approach by encouraging attackers to take up position inside the box for penalty kicks.

Goal Explosion

Watch your goal explode with multiple goalkeepers sprinting towards the ball – the ball is almost impossible to control when the goal is so tightly contested!

Watch your goal explode with multiple goalkeepers sprinting towards the ball – the ball is almost impossible to control when the goal is so tightly contested!


Choose from multiple dribbling styles


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