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KEYMACRO is a software that can create a web link for mailto hyperlinks.
It’s a very simple software, very easy to use, but can save much time while creating web links for mailto: addresses.
It will save your time by automating the process of creating mailto: links on your web pages.
Keymacro is configurable from one mailto: link to multiple different mailto: links on your website.

We need someone who is experienced to create a complex PHP script that will allow us to move users to a secure area of our site and then redirect them back after an agreed timeout.
The script needs to have the following features:

Once the user has entered their username and password the script needs to check that their username and password match a user in our database (of which there are 100000)
Once they have entered their username and password successfully the script needs to go to a secure area of our site and then redirect them back after a pre-defined timeout.

I need the code for the script and some way to test it. The actual code is already written and tested (for the first part of the project)


Look at how OpenID works – this is basically a similar idea.
PHP implementations exist for OpenID and a simple Google search reveals some others.
Whether this is a good or bad idea depends on your target audience – if you expect people to understand HTTP redirects, you could easily fall foul of the Referer headers, for example.

The 2014 Video Game Hall of Fame induction ceremony was recently held in New York. We’re happy to announce that we were inducted into the Hall of Fame, and have a few more details regarding our induction ceremony.

Before we start, I would like to give a special thanks to our current students and alumni who have made the video game industry so awesome: Kyle Jones, Sean Barrett, Jay Ingle, and Justin Stephens.

All of us who have been studying video game design at CCAD would agree that the reason for our success is the vibrant community of people we have met throughout the years at CCAD. We truly believe that everyone, no matter what it is you do, should look to CCAD to learn, grow, and work to create something amazing. We want to thank everyone who has taken a chance on us, for your support and all that you have taught 70238732e0

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Ikaros is a new project under active development at the University of Bremen. Ikaros is a freely available software toolbox for computational modelling and simulating brain structures. It is easy to use and maintain, the concepts of the toolbox are scalable, it is open and can be easily extended by third party developers. It is intended to be a modular, extensible framework for dynamic and parameterized simulation of biological networks and systems, and to provide a database of cognitive functions, their relations and models to control and test them.
Using the state-of-the-art methodology of computational and systems neuroscience the Ikaros Toolbox builds a framework for the simulation and analysis of the brain. It is designed to address the biological complexity of the brain by building simulation and analysis modules that are independent from each other, each of them dealing with a subsystem of the brain. The current focus of the Toolbox is on models of the cortico-basal-ganglia-thalamo-cortical loop, the role of synapse plasticity, their neural network architecture and the way in which they learn and control the brain functions, as well as on the role of vision in the formation of perceptual learning models. The Ikaros Toolbox is programmed in C++ using the MPI library and it is free software.

Markus Moosmann

Dept. of Physiology

University of Bremen

I started developing the C++ framework Ikaros after seeing how Ikaros can be used for system level modeling of brain structures, in particular the cortico-basal-ganglia-thalamo-cortical loop.


The goal of the project is to develop an open infrastructure for system level modeling of the brain including databases of experimental data, computational models and functional brain data. The system will make heavy use of the emerging standards for Internet based information and will make all information accessible through an open web-based interface.

In addition, you can use Ikaros software as a control architecture for CAD robots.

The main components of the Ikaros systems are:

■ A platform independent simulation kernel

■ A set of computational brain models

■ A set of I/O modules for interfacing with data files and peripheral such as robots or video cameras

■ Tools for building systems of interconnected models

■ A plug-in architecture that allows new models to


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