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unrEVOked is a custom recovery that enables you to replace the standard stock recovery on HTC smartphones with a custom recovery that packs several tweaks and permissions on HTC smartphones.

Unlike the official recovery, you can configure it to run any operations on your phone. It means that you can flash the ROMs and custom kernels that you would like, such as the S-ONN team’s ROMs and kernels. It is recommended that you use the Superuser app that comes with the recovery for certain operations that require root access, such as the ones mentioned above.

The unique feature of unrEVOked that sets it apart from the stock recovery is that you can always access your data in the recovery. This is because the application does not delete your data or overwrite it. Therefore, you need not be concerned about losing your personal data even if you root your device.
You can also access features such as the one that enables you to enable or disable the Android debugging. You can also manage your apps through the widget menu, install apps from the recovery, and more.

UnrEVOked does not require any sort of configuration to run and therefore, it can be used right away after you flash the application. The application can be used on all HTC smartphones running the latest and earliest Android versions such as Android 4.0.3 and Android 4.2.2 respectively.
Download link:

If you can’t find a place to download this, you can do it directly from the website.

To install unrEVOked, you need to download and extract the archive to your PC.

After the installation, you need to run the HTC Sync to enable the USB drivers on your HTC smartphone. You can check if your HTC Sync is installed by checking if your computer recognizes your phone’s presence.

After doing this, you can then open the file in your computer and launch the program by clicking the launch icon.

Connect your phone to the computer and press the button, then press the green button.

The program will then extract the recovery files and store it on your computer’s desktop.

Press the HTC Sync icon on your phone and then let it reboot.

After the phone reboots, press the recovery option and select unrEVOked.

Once you press the green button, you can then confirm the device’s reboot.

After the phone reboots, you can use the application to flash your Android device according to 0cd6e936a3


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