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Diana’s Story


Diana came to us from the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) at just 5 months old. Unfortunately, Diana could not continue her training due to hip complications. After an x-ray in Phnom Penh, the vet discovered that she had hip dysplasia C degree; which is one degree away from not being able to walk. This abnormal formation of the hip cavity is the cause of lameness and painful arthritis of the joints. Its origin can be genetic and is affected by environmental factors.


The degree of Diana’s hip dysplasia is severe and advanced for such a young dog and surgery is not an option. Instead, Diana is on a special protein-rich diet, and her weight is closely monitored to make sure she maintains a stable weight for her size. She is taking pain and anti-inflammatory medication to control her pain, and as she gets older, the frequency of this will no doubt increase.


Diana will need to have x-rays and specialist veterinary care for her entire life, and Home of Heroes is here to make sure she gets it at the world’s first dedicated retirement home for ex de-mining dogs like her.


Find out more about how we are building Home of Heroes in Cambodia here.


If you would like to adopt Diana and help with the day to day specialist care, veterinary support, and the building of the center, please follow the button below!


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