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The phrase “it’s a small world” is an American expression referring to the television series “It’s a Small World.” In the second season, there is a reference to this phrase in the episode “Number ten, Delta.”

fossA pro se prisoner on appeal makes a brief reference to a communication device, to be interpreted according to prison regulations, which is understood by the court to be a request to communicate by telephone. The prisoner is transferred out of the prison at the prison warden’s initiative on a helicopter, and reappears after the prisoner’s former lawyer has filed a mandamus, and with the prisoner having been informed of the mandamus. The prisoner and his attorney both agree that the prisoner is asking for the mandamus so that he can make a telephone call, and that the mandamus should be granted. However, the prisoner’s new attorney argues that there is no need to return the prisoner to his former cell, since he has rights concerning telephone communication, and that there is no way to ensure the prisoner’s safety or his detention. [59][60]

Residual jurisdiction is the common law “residual” powers of a federal court when faced with several potential grounds for appellate review. The Supreme Court generally only has jurisdiction to consider the grounds for appeal on which the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case, except where there is a statute that grants or forbids review in a specific court.[1] This means that appeals are limited to certain grounds, and if an appellant chooses to raise a ground on which the appeals court agreed to hear the case, the party cannot raise any other ground for appeal without getting explicit permission. In the case that the Supreme Court agrees to hear on appeal, the Supreme Court can either grant review of that case in whole or in part, or decline to hear the case at all.[2]

The Court is allowed to choose which appeals to hear. In general, the Supreme Court of the United States has received and decided 75% of the cases the Supreme Court has accepted for review. For example, in the 1970s, the court accepted 750 cases and decided 714 of them. The Court has often appealed its own decisions; since the 1870s, the court has heard more than 50 appeals

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