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Copy Path is a small-sized software utility that integrates a new entry into the right-click menu of Windows Explorer, giving you the possibility to copy the full path of any selected folder or file, regardless of its extension.
It's a practical tool for users interested in organizing their personal files and folders as clean as possible. For example, it can be utilized for storing full paths in a text document to put together an index and keep track of the location of the items.
Easy to add to the context menu
Getting it implemented into the context menu of your file manager, whether it's Windows Explorer or another one that supports it, requires making some minor changes to the system registry to make room for the new entry.
This task is performed instantly by firing up the batch file of the installer from the downloaded package. However, this needs elevation, so it only works if you know the password of the PC administrator's account. Log details of the operation are shown in a Command Prompt window, and modifications are rapidly applied to the computer, so there's no need to restart it.
Copy full paths of files and folders
You can check this by opening the right-click menu of any selected file or folder. By clicking on the “Copy Path” record, the item's full path is instantly stored in the Clipboard and can be pasted into an application with support for text editing.
Although the entry is displayed when opening the context menu of multiple selected files, you should know that the program isn't designed to copy the paths of many objects at the same time.
If you want to remove the entry from the right-click menu, you can use the uninstall bat file available in the downloaded package next to the installer.
Simple, yet practical tool for easy file management
All in all, Copy Path may not seem essential to some PC users, but it speeds up the task of copying paths straight from the context menu of files and folders instead of going through the trouble of accessing the Properties dialog to select and copy.







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File versions:

The author can be contacted via his profile in Facebook.

Technical Support:

You can get help by e-mail at:


You can buy an annual license of the program for $39.

The author has released the source code of the program under the GPL license.

This is an extended version of the freeware utility with some new features and enhanced performance:

Browse full path in a text editor

Compare the contents of two folders

Save modified paths in a text document

Create a new folder with any extension

Filter items by any extension

Create or modify subfolders

Copy to the clipboard any selected file or folder

Create a shortcut to any selected file or folder

Make and delete shortcuts to any selected file or folder

Change display orientation

Change the background of the screen

Easily capture any selected file or folder

Capture any selected file or folder on a specific drive

Export items to a text document

Hold key to select multiple items

Install on Windows 10

Install on Windows 8

Install on Windows 7

Install on Windows Vista

Download Links:

Windows 10:

Windows 8:

Windows 7:


Copy Path for Android:

Download the software from the following link, unzip the downloaded archive, and install the program.

Copying paths from the context menu of any selected item is simple, but only with Copy Path v2 can you also compare the contents of two folders. Just select the folders and choose the items to compare.

When using Copy Path v2, you can save modified paths to a text document.

Additionally, you can use Copy Path to create and modify subfolders and shortcuts. This feature isn’t available in the free version of the program, but only the full version allows

Copy Path [Mac/Win]

KEYMACRO is a portable program that can be used to replace the keyboard shortcuts used for the actions of other programs.
With it, you can assign custom key combinations for almost any action of any program. It also includes a set of pre-defined shortcuts to allow you to immediately perform the desired action.
Other included features
KEYMACRO can configure multiple actions with different key combinations. The user can also specify the key that will open the Start menu.
With the included configuration files, it is possible to customize the program to a huge extent.
Cannot be bound to the desktop
All you need to do is load the programs you want to assign keyboard shortcuts for, select the actions you want them to be assigned to and start the configuration process.
There are no options to manually assign the shortcuts. The configurations are loaded from the configuration files included with the software, from a ZIP archive and from the registry.
Visual interface for quick usage
The application has a clean, easy-to-use interface with a few icons representing the actions to assign to key combinations.
In addition, there is an explanatory toolbar with instructions on how to use the configuration files.
After you have selected the actions to be assigned, you can go ahead and configure the shortcuts.
Clicking on the arrows keys or backspace button will show a popup menu that contains all available shortcuts that can be assigned to the currently selected actions.
You can also use the menu to edit the shortcut itself, to add it to the list of shortcuts, or even to remove it.
Saved in the background for instant access
With KEYMACRO, it is possible to assign shortcuts to multiple programs. When you run the software, it checks if the actions to be assigned are already configured. If they are, they are retrieved from the program itself.
If they are not configured, they are saved in the configuration files.
The process is instant and the shortcuts are saved in the background for immediate access.
Support for 64-bit version of Windows
Unlike the 32-bit version of the software, the 64-bit version can be used on both 32- and 64-bit systems.
Now you can assign a combination of keys to perform actions on 64-bit versions of programs.
Supports keyboard layouts
The software supports all major keyboard layouts.
The supported key combinations can be the ones produced by the software, the default shortcuts of the program, or you can even specify your own, custom ones.
Good for all

Copy Path With License Code For PC (Final 2022)

KeyMacro enables you to organize your program shortcut keys, automatically and quickly. It can be used for organizing your menu shortcut keys. It can also be used as a general keyboard macro recording utility.
The program creates an XML file in the same directory as the program files where it is run. This XML file contains shortcuts, toolbars and menus. The data in the XML file can be imported to other applications.
KeyMacro XML file structure
KeyMacro provides an easy-to-use interface for Windows users to create and import data into XML files.
It can easily be used to add shortcut keys, toolbars and menus to your programs. It is very useful for users who want to create a quick reference to their favorite websites, shortcuts, or combinations of frequently used buttons, and for users who want to make their software menus easier to understand.
This XML file is the only one to use in your programs, so it is important to keep it in order.
User-friendly interface
KeyMacro has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to add shortcut keys, toolbars and menus. The interface has a simple step by step wizard to help you understand the required data for adding your favorite shortcut keys.
Full support for Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP
KeyMacro can be used to add shortcuts, toolbars, menus and buttons for your Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP applications.
Import key macro settings from other applications
KeyMacro can also be used to import the existing XML file and settings from other applications.
Complete XML settings management
KeyMacro provides complete XML settings management, allowing you to easily create, edit, remove, and add keywords.
Create any XML file easily
KeyMacro includes a wizard for creating XML files quickly. KeyMacro will generate the required code for you with the right settings and will ask you to save the code to a file, and then create the XML file automatically.
With the XML settings management, you can create XML files as you wish, customize XML structure, and set and change the settings quickly.
KeyMacro menu
KeyMacro menu is an extensive menu management system that includes a series of menus that organize the user’s mouse clicks.
This menu system is the only one you need. It is very useful for users who want to organize their favorite shortcuts in one menu.
Built-in translator
KeyMacro can translate words and phrases

What’s New in the Copy Path?

– 7-Zip is a file archiver with a high level of compression and decompression speed, as well as a secure way to protect you from yourself.
– Archive files to 7-Zip, compress folders, ISO files and many other media files.
– Record all the activity in the archive to a log.
– Add any extension to the 7-Zip extension.
– 7-Zip supports file paths, such as drive letters, virtual folders, network paths, FTP, TFTP and Amazon S3.
– Use 7-Zip to extract ISO, 7z and ZIP files.
– Support for the archive formats for 7-Zip: 7z, Zip, CAB, RAR, ACE, UUE, TAR, Gzip, Bzip, LZH, PPM, CPIO, ARJ, TAR.JAR, TAR.Z, PPD.
– Support for any file formats (Image, Music, Video, etc.)
– 7-Zip offers advanced features of file and directory compression and protection.
– Supports extraction of compressed files in ISO image format.
– Advanced technology.
– Intuitive interface with a focus on clarity and speed.
– Supports data recovery.
– Supports data compression and decompression.
– No installation needed.
– Supports all Windows versions from Windows 98 to Windows 10.
– License is for 1 computer (for commercial use).
– Support of copying the entire content of a directory tree to another directory.
– You can easily recover a file or folder.
– Works with archives of any archiver: 7z, RAR, ACE, LZH, ZIP, etc.
– Support of any compressed file format: 7z, RAR, ACE, LZH, ZIP, etc.
– Use the size of the folder in the archive to calculate how many archives should be compressed.
– Customizable tool window.
– Drag and drop support.
– Drag and drop support for archives.
– Paste pictures into Microsoft Word documents.
– Paste documents into Microsoft Word documents.
– Paste and preserve object properties and data.
– Paste text in 7-Zip archives.
– Paste object properties and data of the files that were compressed.
– Export from 7-Zip archives.
– Extract files from archives to any location.
– Extract files from archives and preserve object properties and data.
– Drag and drop support for archives.
– Extract all files from the archive and put them into the destination folder.
– Drag and drop support.
– Copy all file names and file paths in the archive.
– Copy all file names and file paths in the archive.
– Drag and drop support for archives.
– Extract the entire archive.
– Extract the archive to the specified location.
– Drag and drop support.
– Extract the archive and put

System Requirements:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.6GHz
OS: Windows 7 32/64
Graphics card: Radeon HD 4750 1GB/4GB
HDD: 15GB free space
Camera: 2GB Webcam
Mouse: Optical mouse
Processor is 800Mhz slower than power limit.
Zombo does not have any CPU/RAM limitations.
Zombo does not have any GPU limitation.
Windows does not have any CPU/RAM/GPU limitations.
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