CamGuard Security System Crack Product Key Full X64 (April-2022)

CamGuard Security System will turn your computer to which you will have attached a WebCam into an advanced Video Security and Surveillance System.
By WEB BROWSER,Remote View Client and Mobile telephone(wap),You can effortlessly monitor your home, office, parking area or any other premises. It supports multiple network modes, include LAN and can penetrate NAT. It embeds DDNS system.
With this software you can record video with a programmed schedule. It uses MPEG-4 compress format.The video record size is about only 120~250M/Hour.
This software provides customizable Alerts like Video Recording, Photo Snaps, Sound Alarms, E-mail and phone Notifications. You can configure Alerts to run on Motion detection.
Multiple Alerts can be selected to run simultaneously. The Quick Settings section for every Alert makes it very easy to customize Alerts. You can also schedule Monitoring sessions.
Here are some key features of “CamGuard Security System”:
■ Supports any video capture device such VFW,WDM.
■ Supports video capture device plug-and-play.
■ Motion Detection.
■ Adjustable motion detection by zone.
■ Adjustable sensivity.
■ Provides customizable Alerts like Video Recording, Photo Snaps, Sound Alarms, E-mail Notifications and phone.
■ Schedule Monitoring sessions.
■ Record video/audio with all time,a programmed schedule and motion Detection.
■ Automatic Space Managment while recording.Delete old records automatically on disk full.
■ Support On Screen Display. Displys date and time on video.
■ Supports history records manager.Supports searching by date.
■ Accessorial tool for recording video.
■ Accessorial tool for capturing the picture.
■ Supports remote video/audio surveillance by WEB BROWSER and Remote View Client.
■ Supports remote video surveillance by Mobile telephone(wap).
■ Supports multi network modes,include LAN and NAT.
■ Supports running background stealthy.
■ Supports automatic running on system starting,automatic entering working status and automatic connecting to the network(such as ADSL).
■ Change Skin.
■ Limited to only one hour usage







CamGuard Security System Crack + Free

CamGuard Security System Crack Mac is very easy to use.Just download,run the program and use your computer as a Video Surveillance System.
To make it simple,you could use web browser,Remote View Client or Mobile Telephone.The program takes out almost all the compiling and installation procedures,and everything you need to do is simply to drag and drop the “RGBA-WS.exe” file to the folder where you want it to install.In web browser,you only need to click “File”->”Run”.You have Remote View Client and Mobile telephone which are your mobile phone application,you can run the program through that.
The Web Browser “RGBA-WS.exe” is compatible with Windows 98,ME,XP,Vista,7 and so on.
You can use the remote surveillance software in any network mode,including LAN and NAT.It supports any video capture device such VFW,WDM.
To protect your privacy,you could set the system to start automatically,when the network is available and automatically connected,and also automatically enter the work status.
The automatic preview could be also setup.It enables you to automatically preview the video frame of the Web Browser,Remote View Client,Mobile Telephone and Email.
Especially,with its built-in library,it can “automatically” and “foolproof” delete the old video to save disk space.
How to use RGBA-WS.exe for web browser:
Drag and drop the “RGBA-WS.exe” into the web browser and wait for it to install.
To install it,click on “File” -> “Run”

Tech Support Guy

Tech Support Guy

02-22-2010, 05:40 PM

Here is the log of my conversation with the creator of CamGuard Security System(
From: robertmo2009 at
Back to your original question,the answer is NO,i DON’T own CamGuard security system.The author of CamGuard security system does not have a website or any official support email address.
You should contact the author first.The founder of far-right Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, Hansjürgen Mundt, died at the age of 79 after months of battling cancer, the paper reported on Saturday.

Mundt founded the

CamGuard Security System Crack

1. This is video security surveillance package of camguard system. If you want to use the software in the computer, which you have two methods:
1. 1) If you have the card like RS232 VGA, it is very easy to install the software and turn on the camguard system into the video surveillance system. You can use the old camera. You can find it online or in the market.
2. 2)If you do not have the card, but you have the video capture device like VFW, WDM or any other devices, you can turn on the webcam and use the software to connect and start the camguard system.
2. If you want to use the software in the pc with vga, RCA, S-Video Out, you may install the video capture driver to connect the software and control the camguard system.
3. If you want to use the software in the PC and DVD, please install the driver to connect the software and control the camguard system.
4. The software is used to control one webcam. If you want to use more than one webcam, you can connect a second camguard system to the computer and use the software to control it.
5. The software is used to control the webcam. You don’t need to install the driver to connect the software and control the webcam.
6. If you are connected to the computer via the network, please install the web browser software. If you want to connect the webcam via the remote, you can install the software and use the webcam via the mobile.
7. Because the software has been written with Java technology. You must use the latest version of Java Runtime Environment.
Note: The version number of the software can be found in the directory of the file, you can also use Java Update to update the version of the software.
User Manual
Step 1: Get the software from the download link on this site.
Step 2: The software is brought up a picture window as Figure 1, configure the software, and you can use the software normally.
Step 3: By default, you can choose the username and password in the software. But you can also use the automatic to get the username and password.
Step 4: When you use the software, you can choose the time to start, inactivate the software and record the program for the day, month or year with a programmed schedule. You also can enable multiple audio and video recording, 24 hours status and manual status

CamGuard Security System Crack + Keygen Full Version Free X64 2022 [New]

Please download the trial version(at no cost).It will give you a clear image of what CamGuard Security System is.The full version of CamGuard Security System is paid one time license.
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What’s New in the?

This product is to keep your computer and equipment safe from possible intruders.
The program is designed to help you to stay safe. It will record and alert you of possible intruders.
The video record can last up to one hour on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7, support up to 4 webcams per installation.CamGuard Security System Features:
Main Features:
-Support Up to 4 Webcams
-Support 1080P HD Recording
-Support Different Network Modes
-Support Mix View of all video info,and more programs together
-Support Remote View Client
-Support Mobile Telephone and WAP
-Support E-Mail
-Support Alerts for Face,Motion,Sound and Voice
-Support Thumbnail Info
-Support Remote Control
-Support Sound Notify
-Support Network Link Status
-Support SMB Sharing
-Support Network Sniffer
-Support Security Password
-Support Mobile Management
-Support GPS Tracking
-Support Auto Schedule
-Support Asynchronous Mode
-Support Background Run
-Support Remote Client Live Video View
-Support Mode Swap
-Support Remote Download
-Support Remote Recording Start and Stop
-Support Remote Backup
-Support Remote Monitoring Sniffer (Network)
-Support Remote Video Sniffer (Mobile Telephone)
-Support Auto Scene Management
-Support Multimedia Sharing
-Support Audio Record and Playback
-Support Multiple Audio/Video Programs Management
-Support Remote Access
-Support History Info
-Support Rename
-Support Search by Date
-Support Protect System
-Support Scheduler
-Support Configs with Options
-Support Audio Info
-Support Windows Authentication
-Support Password Protection
-Support Remote Log
-Support Notify (High and Low)
-Support Configure Video on Screen
-Support Change Skin
-Support SSD
-Support Compress
-Support SNMP
-Support Language
-Support Service
-Support Save Alarm Set
-Support Edit and Add
-Support History to Record
-Support Configuration Options
-Support Configs with Options
-Support Config:Full Configs(list all)
-Support Config:Backup Config(only backup configs)
-Support Config:Restore Config(only restore configs)
-Support Config:Enable Config(only enable configs)
-Support Config:Disabled Config(only disabled configs)
-Support Config:Edit Config(only edit configs)

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 Processor: 2.0GHz CPU or better
2.0GHz CPU or better Memory: 4GB RAM or better
4GB RAM or better Graphics: 1GB video card or better
1GB video card or better DirectX: Version 9.0c or later
Version 9.0c or later Storage: 300 MB available space
300 MB available space Additional Notes:
• Uplay
• Key Activation:

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