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Bonny’s Story


Bonny was training with the Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC) and adopted out. She had a severe injury to her shoulder and needed extensive surgery and lifelong treatment and aftercare. Understandably, the adoptive family could not pay the vet bills attached to such specialist care, and after much consideration, they agreed that the best thing for Bonny would be to come to Home of Heroes. So they surrendered her to us and she will live out her days here with us, receiving everything she needs for the best life possible.


Bonny is enjoying her time at Home of Heroes, and we can’t wait to build her the world’s first dedicated retirement home!


Find out more about how we are building Home of Heroes in Cambodia here.


If you would like to adopt Bonny and help with the day to day specialist care, veterinary support, and the building of the center, please follow the button below!


Thank You! 


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