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bonny the de mining dog

Bonny is just 11 months old and failed her final test to become a de-mining dog. She was handed over to the handler, and during this time she badly injured her front left leg. She was given all the help she could get in Cambodia, but there are not the skills available to repair her injury. Animal-Mama https://www.facebook.com/theanimalmama took her in to help her. Upon further investigation and many X-rays, it was recommended to take her to Thailand for extensive surgery.


If her leg is left untreated, she will have to have her leg amputated.


Operation For Bonny The De-Mining Dog


The trip to Thailand will involve driving to the border with her, walking across and getting a taxi to Bangkok. Her operation has been estimated to cost over $2000.00, and she will have to stay in Bangkok for two weeks while recovering. In the meantime, the team who took her will return to Cambodia, only to return again after her recovery. She will need intensive care after her operation with hydrotherapy treatment to strengthen her muscles while not putting to much pressure on the leg.


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