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Beatrix’s Story


Bela and Beatrix are 7-month-old sisters who did not pass their final vigorous test to become professional de-ming dogs. Before Home of Heroes signed our official MOU with Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), puppies like Bela and Beatrix would have an uncertain future. Some may be adopted out but with no official monitoring and evaluation at any point in their future, we would have no way of knowing if they were receiving the specialist care they need.


In the past, some dogs found good homes, but with veterinary bills being so high for these specialist dogs, they were not always met, and the health of the dogs suffered. Some dogs were locked in dog houses and not exercised or enriched as they so desperately need to be. There is a local custom is to clip the teeth in order to protect the family from a dog’s bite. This is done without anaesthetic and is unnecessarily cruel and a very painful procedure.


Bela and Bonny don’t have to worry about any of this now they are at Home of Heroes. They are happy, healthy, and well-balanced dogs who receive the best care and attention they deserve at Animal Mama Wellness Center while they wait for the world’s first dedicated center to be built.


Both of these amazing dogs are prime candidates for our individual protection training and we want to make sure they will still be able to fulfil their desire to serve humanity in some capacity.


Find out more about how we are building Home of Heroes in Cambodia here.


If you would like to adopt Beatrix and help with the day to day specialist care, veterinary support, and the building of the center, please follow the button below!


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