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If there is anything we recommend as the best free text-to-speech program, its Balabolka. From its sleek and simple interface to the numerous settings and voices, it has all the best features that you are looking for in a free program.

Balabolka lets you change the speed of reading, pause, insert TTS (Text-To-Speech) through its tabs. You can choose from 30 native voices and add more over the Internet. You can also adjust the language and a variety of other options including the rate and pitch.

Balabolka is an excellent free text-to-speech program, which even lets you download more voices and speech synthesizers. You can easily use this program on Windows XP, Vista or 7. Its interface is easy to use and navigate. The ability to sync is particularly useful when you are going to an event with Windows Speech Recognition.

The highly advanced text-to-speech, Balabolka lets you get your text out quickly. There is one-click access to the Settings dialog where you can modify text speed, audio speech rate, and volume. Some users will be delighted by the end-user license agreement that is very easy to accept.

Note that Balabolka does not support document conversion into JPEG, PNG, GIF, HTML, or PDF at present, however, other applications like Documize, Abiword, and Impress do. So check if Balabolka works with your favorite PDF editor.

If youre a fan of movies or presentations, then Balabolka can turn its internal source of text into a movie by default. In that case, the material will be converted into a video format that you can export to a DVD file or upload to YouTube, while the captions will be turned into text in the PDF format.

You can pick any of the available voices, change their parameters, and apply the overall tempo/pitch. While using Balabolka, you can ask the TTS engine to read from the system tray, from the global hotkeys, or from any other app via the Clipboard. The program is compatible with command line tools. The tool could be a must-have for users needing text-to-speech and text-to-command converters. Theres also a library of over hundreds of free voice samples for TTS and spoken messages. You can use the clipboard to copy the voices to a file and then import it.
While converting the files, Balabolka makes use of the speakers and is compatible with some powerful command-line tools. You can navigate through WAV files with the program, as well as convert them to other format files. It makes use of the Microsoft speech API. Additionally, you can add and modify the voices, their pronunciations, masks, and the desired voices.
Once you edit the text, you can paste it into any application that supports clipboard reading. You can convert the WAV file to any of the supported formats, such as OGG, MP3, and WMA. The program lets you manage the words with the system clipboard. You can control Balabolka’s GUI settings through global hotkeys.
Balabolka is one of the most efficient, free text-to-speech programs on the Web. Its simplicity and similarity to its paid and subscription-based cousins has kept it at the top of the free list of TTS programs. Its free version permits you to use any installed voice and will even guide you in terms of speed, pauses, pauses, and spellings. In addition, with the inclusion of third-party voices, there is no stopping you from adding numerous voices. This tool allows you to tweak the speed, pauses, and change the pronunciation or accents of the voice.

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