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AutoCAD has two major components: the design environment and the command line interface. The design environment consists of drawing, sectioning, and image editing components. The command line interface provides a powerful, interactive way to automate many CAD tasks. When Autodesk acquired Macromedia in 2007, AutoCAD was one of the company’s main products and Autodesk continues to enhance AutoCAD with many new capabilities and features.

AutoCAD Basics

Autodesk offers two versions of AutoCAD for users: AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD Standard. AutoCAD LT is available for free, but AutoCAD Standard, the more powerful and expensive product, is required for most users. AutoCAD LT is offered only in Windows and Mac OS X, with versions available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X.

AutoCAD Standard is also available in a variety of editions: Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, Architectural, and Architectural Plus. Enterprise is the version of AutoCAD Standard that has the most features available, but it’s also the most expensive, starting at $6,500. The rest of the editions range in price from $2,200 to $5,400. The editions have the same basic features and functionality, but with different professional applications, such as PowerSchool or PluralEyes, AutoCAD’s new 3D extension, or IntelliLift, a fast lifting feature.

Autodesk released the first version of AutoCAD, called AutoCAD Drafting Edition, in September 1987. AutoCAD for Mac was added in 1992, and AutoCAD for Windows was available in 1994. AutoCAD LT first came out in 1996 as a free download.

Common Elements of AutoCAD

Most Autodesk products, including AutoCAD, have the same core features. Here are the main elements of AutoCAD:

Drawing Objects

A drawing consists of layers of objects, like geometric and construction lines, text, symbols, and images. You can add, move, copy, and delete individual objects on any layer. Drawing objects can be organized in groups, such as layers.

3D Models

Objects in AutoCAD are made up of three-dimensional models. Objects in a drawing can be edited on a two-dimensional layer or a three-dimensional layer (3D). A 3D

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AutoCAD was originally developed by Autodesk, a company that has developed many complex programs for architects, engineers, and other technical users. It became available in 1987. In 1996, Autodesk launched the first stand-alone version of AutoCAD, the first major release in the series was AutoCAD 2000, a milestone in the product, changing the software from being proprietary and offering only plug-ins for various software platforms to a completely stand-alone product. The 2D version, AutoCAD 2000, was released on July 12, 1996, and the first 3D version, AutoCAD 3D, was released on July 23, 1997.

User interface

AutoCAD has a user interface (UI) of menus, dialogs, toolbars, tabs and ribbon for designing. The ribbon-based UI was designed to improve efficiency, making it easier to find commands and perform basic tasks without opening menus. Since its introduction, users have found the ribbon to be a major improvement over the previous menus and toolbars. Many commands are available in the ribbon, and a right click on any item in the toolbox or status bar will also cause a menu of similar commands to appear. The ribbon also shows objects such as lines, circles and polylines, allowing users to modify them or to create them from scratch. Unlike earlier software, AutoCAD requires very little training to use, and is the only commercial 2D or 3D CAD software capable of handling large file sizes.

The ribbon and toolbox, are both user customizable. Ribbon toolbars can be replaced with a customisable or un-customisable toolbox; and ribbon tabs, which contain sub-tabs, can also be replaced with any other tab that the user would like to.


As of 2009, there are 1.4 million users of AutoCAD in over 100 countries. The number of registered users of AutoCAD 2010 jumped from 440,000 to 565,000 in the nine-month period of 2008 to 2009, with the U.S. accounting for approximately 70 percent of the registered users. As of 2008, 70% of the registered users were using AutoCAD for more than five years. In the U.S. between the years 2006 and 2008, the number of licensed users of AutoCAD jumped from 500,000 to 565,000, whereas the number of active users of AutoCAD jumped from 335,000 to 430,000.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Import an ArcMap map from a spreadsheet. (video: 8:24 min.)

Simplify and clarify your organization using AutoCAD’s multi-drawing environment and fill tool. Use reference material that resides in the cloud and toggle between all of your drawings. (video: 8:24 min.)

Enable automation in your drawing creation process and let your drawings automatically convert to other formats, such as PDF or Microsoft Office. (video: 8:24 min.)

Clicking on linked marks or symbols in a publication will jump to the location of the reference. (video: 1:15 min.)

Markup Assist offers enhanced tooltips, allowing you to get step-by-step instructions on how to use your tool and providing a quick visual check for syntax errors in your drawings. (video: 1:45 min.)

The system update will be available to eligible customers on Tuesday, September 25, 2020. Learn more about getting updates now.

Chart Inspector now:

Review charts more easily and in more detail.


Create tables based on a template

Import and export CSV files

Use matrix and dimension columns

Chart Inspector:

Quickly review and compare charts, tables, and graphs

Save time by reviewing charts and tables in more detail

Import and export CSV files

Create tables based on a template

Get new charts and tables created with the Power Query app

Chart Inspector now includes many enhancements to the Export feature.

Transform objects:

Transform objects in multiple dimensions and levels. These enhancements will allow you to rotate, resize, flip, and mirror an object, any object in multiple directions and planes, and other objects in any combination of planes.

Create custom blending options for shapes and symbols

With Custom Blend Options, you can now edit colors, opacity, and transparency.

Perform parallel coordinates with the new AutoCAD Revit toolkit

Publish Revit files with custom workspaces and boards in AutoCAD.

Publish documents with custom dimensions, layouts, and families.

Perform parallel coordinates with the new AutoCAD Revit toolkit

Run parallel coordinate analysis on the Drawing Elements palette.


Color, family, and dimension editing

Work with sequences of drawings

Load and save presentation files

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