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In August 2014, Autodesk announced Autodesk AutoCAD 2013, a major new version of the application designed to “modernize the user interface”. The new version was released on April 25, 2015. In the same year, Autodesk released AutoCAD LT, a low-cost version of the application. AutoCAD is currently available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, with mobile apps available on iOS and Android.



Before AutoCAD was introduced, CAD was performed by hand, with CAD operators standing at terminals with a graphics device, and using separate drafting programs to construct the models. Drawing by hand is an extremely slow process, and few people have the patience to continue with hand drawing for hours at a time.

At one point, over 50 different CAD programs were available for use at the same time. In the 1980s, CAD programs operated on minicomputers with dedicated graphics controllers, used in conjunction with graphics terminals connected to the computer by cable, and using separate drafting programs.

1982: Autodesk Inc. is founded

1982: First public release of AutoCAD, a desktop CAD program that is available for PCs and Macintosh computers. Designed to make two-dimensional drafting easier for users with minimal programming knowledge, AutoCAD was originally developed for use in the architectural industry, but was later expanded to include other industries.

1983: Computer Graphics Group, Inc. (CG Group), a wholly owned subsidiary of Autodesk Inc. is founded. The company’s founders include Doug Tompkins, Bruce Scott, and Joe Neel. The company is initially headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA.

1984: The company’s first product is published, The Productivity Suite, a package that integrates and runs AutoCAD, along with 15 other software applications.

1985: Robert Moore, a programming architect at Autodesk, starts a company called Softray, Inc., and acquires the rights to AutoCAD. Softray is the company that produces the SoftRay XR for AutoCAD. This is an extension of the original application that was designed to allow users to draw curves and splines.

1986: The SoftRay version is released.

1988: Autodesk is founded by former employees of CG Group. Autodesk’s founders include David Brinker, former president and chief operating officer of CG Group, as well as Ed Simons, former vice president of research and

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T-SQL is the Microsoft implementation of the SQL92 standard for the SQL-92 Database Language. T-SQL is the most commonly used programming language for Microsoft SQL Server. There is also a free editor, SQL Server Management Studio. The SQL Server Database Engine creates tables, queries, views, stored procedures, and functions. T-SQL defines how these database objects are created and used, with specific keywords defining their format and syntax. The database is also accessed via the ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) standards. T-SQL is also used to directly communicate with a MySQL or SQLite database.

Languages for database development
Database-specific programming languages include (among others)

Database-independent programming languages include (among others)

See also

Automotive industry
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ISO standard
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Table data type
Virtual machine




External links
For the basics of database technology:
How to design an efficient database architecture? from Advanced Database Administration.

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fr:Base de données
ja:データベース/* eslint-disable react/no-multi-comp */
import React, { PureComponent } from’react’;
import { mount, shallow } from ‘enzyme’;
import { Formik } from ‘formik’;
import { validate } from ‘..’;
import { ContentInput } from ‘../’;
import { ContentLabel, text } from ‘../elements’;
import {
} from ‘../Formik’;

type Props = FormikProps & {
mutation: MutationProps;
schema?: {};

type ValidateFormType = (data: any, schema?: any) => boolean;

type FormikPropsMutation = MutationProps &
validate: (data: any, schema: any) => ValidateFormType;

type FormikProps = FormikPropsMutation & FormFieldProps;

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(1)Open a text editor and edit the registry to add the following at the location:
AutoCAD=D:\Program Files\AutoCAD\AutoCAD.exe
AutoCADProgram=D:\Program Files\AutoCAD\AutoCAD.exe

(2)Download the patch file to the desktop and run it.

(3)Activate it.

(4)Select the option “Restore Registry from File” and select the file you saved in step 1.


(5)Select the option “Restore Registry from System” and select the file that you saved in step 1.

To finish the process
(6) Restart the computer.


Open the file that you saved in step 4 or 5 and edit the registry.
Use the registry editor.

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A new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms what most of us know—heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the United States.

A new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms what most of us know—heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the United States. What the study also confirms is that heart disease is a killer because it is a complication of other diseases. This is a double-edged sword for heart disease.

Heart disease often is caused by a combination of conditions including inflammation, an infection, high blood pressure and heart valve disease. The main cause of heart valve disease is congenital heart disease, a congenital problem in the heart that begins during gestation. It may be a genetic problem, a congenital deformity, or an acquired problem such as an infection.

The authors of the new study suggest that about 40 percent of all deaths from heart disease in the United States are the result of associated conditions, including an infection that triggered heart problems or a medical condition that contributed to death. They also suggest that 20 percent of all deaths from heart disease are the result of inflammatory disorders.

The other 60 percent of deaths from heart disease appear to be more preventable. For instance, a third of the deaths were avoidable if doctors had caught heart disease earlier. About a quarter of the deaths were avoidable because of smoking and alcohol abuse

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Help users navigate the drawing document and find information quickly and easily. Enhance drawing documents with text boxes, hyperlinks, and various layers, shapes, and palettes. (video: 1:31 min.)

Unlimited Drawing Memory:

Increase your drawing memory for large, complex drawings. Take advantage of this higher capacity memory by making changes to drawings as you draw.

Easy 2D and 3D Shapes and Spline Curves:

Easily create complex 2D and 3D shapes. Draw with 2D linear, spline, and 3D bezier curves. Easily save and reuse shapes and spline curves using the drawing. (video: 1:48 min.)

Enhanced Sketch Tools:

Sketch a view of your design, or create a complete drawing, with the Drawing Sketching tool. This feature now has two variants: “Sketch” and “Complete” drawing. The choice between the two is based on the degree of detail you want to sketch and the size of your drawing. (video: 2:06 min.)

Quick Auto Reference Tools:

Find what you need quickly with quick access to standard drawing tools and commands. The AutoReference window provides an on-the-fly display of a custom set of tools that includes text, dimensions, lines, and blocks.

Easy Time Management:

Work effectively and efficiently with our new Time Management feature. Set up an unlimited number of work sessions and complete them at the times you choose. Free up time to focus on more important work. (video: 2:35 min.)

Real-time Projection Updates:

Accurately display architectural and engineering project plans in your drawings and on the screen. Projections are updated instantly as your drawing changes, so you can see your drawing accurately at all times.

Enhanced Surface and Design Tools:

Save time with a variety of new surface and design tools. Easily create and edit surfaces and geometric patterns. Improve your understanding of a design with the new multi-selection tool. With the new text and dimension tools, you can modify text and dimensions while you edit them. (video: 2:28 min.)

3D Printing Support:

Take your design from concept to reality with our new 3D Printing support. Use powerful features like Cura or Sculptris to create your designs and 3D print. You can even save and reuse your 3D printing

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
1024×768 resolution
1.3 GHz processor
10GB free hard disk space
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