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Over the years, AutoCAD Crack For Windows has come to incorporate several design tools, including engineering drawing tools, site work tools, and a 3D modeler. As of 2019, the latest AutoCAD release is version 20.1 (R20 release). Some of the most recent features include SketchUp Modeling, a collaborative, cloud-based model-making tool, and AutoCAD 360, a three-dimensional (3D) modeling tool based on Microsoft’s free Windows 10 version of Microsoft Visio.

Along with AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD MEP, and AutoCAD Architecture are AutoCAD’s primary applications. AutoCAD LT is a low-cost alternative to AutoCAD, optimized for smaller projects. AutoCAD MEP is primarily a 3D design application for architects and structural engineers. AutoCAD Architecture is a 3D-modeler similar to AutoCAD LT that was formerly called Autodesk Architecture and then renamed to emphasize its usefulness in architecture. AutoCAD is also available for Microsoft Windows mobile devices.

Get into the AutoCAD chat rooms or forums to ask for help from other users who have a lot of AutoCAD experience, or to find a class or tutorial to help you learn how to use AutoCAD.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a 3D computer-aided design and drafting software application developed by Autodesk. It allows you to create, modify, and view 2D and 3D drawings and annotations.

AutoCAD is designed to make creating 3D models easy and efficient. It is used to create a wide variety of professional-quality 3D models, including mechanical, architectural, and architectural structures. Using AutoCAD software, you can work in 3D space and view your design in 2D, 3D, and 360-degree views.

AutoCAD software is available as a desktop application (for personal computers) or as a mobile application (for mobile devices), which can be used offline.


The first AutoCAD software was developed by a company named Micrografx in 1982. The first version of AutoCAD was called Architectural Design: Non-Tutorial Drafting System and sold for $29,000. In 1987, the name of the program was changed to AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design). AutoCAD was made available as a desktop app and a CAD system.

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External applications:
Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is a collection of add-on products that integrates with various CAD applications such as AutoCAD, and allows sharing information between users. The functionality of EMS is platform and application specific. AutoCAD is part of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) product range.
Autodesk 360 offers add-on applications that integrate with existing AutoCAD and other CAD applications.
Cross platform:
Autodesk LiveCycle: includes cross-platform, cross-browser capabilities for mobile web, desktop and mobile applications.
Autodesk Digital Publishing Suite: integrates with AutoCAD and can be used for creating an interactive publication for on-line and print publication. It can also generate a PDF or JPEG file from a set of design drawings. Autodesk DPS is offered as part of the Autodesk LiveCycle platform.

Web technologies
In 2003, Autodesk Inc. announced its new ObjectARX platform for developing applications on the web, and at the same time, they also announced the release of Autodesk LiveCycle for the web. Autodesk LiveCycle and AutoCAD Express are two common applications developed on this platform.

With the release of AutoCAD 2009 and higher, it was possible to use web technologies to deploy 3D graphics and tools within the AutoCAD web browser. AutoCAD R14 (2007) includes this functionality.

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The **CREATE PROCEDURE** statement creates a stored procedure.

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## Syntax

CREATE PROCEDURE [ schema_name. ] procedure_name

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Simplify your prototyping process by using native design for simulation. Watch this quick video to learn how to use the new Markup import tools for rapid prototyping and simulation.

Edit Groups and Attachments in Draft View:

Add and remove groups of blocks or objects in Draft view, such as drawing views and window views. After adding a group, you can remove it. When you create a new group in Draft view, you can modify it easily. Drag or drop an attachment from the Attachments panel into your drawing.


Export a raster image of the entire drawing. You can use the new export-to-PDF option in this version of AutoCAD. Also, you can save a raster image of a drawing as a.pdf file.

Architecture View, Section Planes and Section:

You can choose from 11 new reference planes. You can also insert section planes. The new arch view is a tool that you can use to analyze the geometry of your objects or lines.

Build and place from primitive parts:

You can add primitive blocks to a drawing and use those parts to perform a number of different tasks. The parts can be used to create assemblies or workplanes, or you can insert an assembly on a construction line and use a block as a base.

3D Warehouse:

You can browse the 3D Warehouse for 3D models and renderings. For more information about the 3D Warehouse, see the Autodesk 3D Warehouse documentation.


Avalanche is a tool for modeling cliffs, avalanches, cliffsides, and other large vertical objects that can be useful in creating architectural and landscape designs.

Forms, Views and Management:

You can convert lines, dimensions, points, and polylines into organized drawings. Also, you can open and edit the xpath, dxf, and afm files for the lines, dimensions, points, and polylines.

Numeric Parameters:

You can use numeric parameters to control the appearance and behavior of line, polyline, and other objects. You can also use these parameters to control the appearance of new objects.


You can download and install the latest GeoDatabase from the Autodesk website.

Revit Improvements:

You can access 3D content and document

System Requirements:

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