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1. AutoCAD Now Available On Windows, Mac, Linux

Despite its name, AutoCAD is now available on most computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. If you are an Autodesk customer with an existing installation of AutoCAD on the same computer, you must upgrade to the latest version for the product to work. AutoCAD is now offered in two forms: as a desktop application (as of January 1, 2016) or as an online subscription-based service. The latter is available for both professional and hobbyist use.

2. Freely Useable Like a Drawing Board

You can draw, move, rotate, mirror, annotate, and print any object or view any drawing using the keyboard, computer mouse, drawing tablet, or the built-in command buttons on the screen. If you have a drafting table, you can place it in your drawing and the table will follow its position as you draw over it. Also, many of the commands can be assigned to any keyboard shortcut you choose.

3. Built-In Help

AutoCAD’s built-in Help system offers the following information:

What’s New in AutoCAD Help

Quick Start Guides

AutoCAD Help Topics

Customizing AutoCAD Help

AutoCAD Help Topics

AutoCAD Help Commands

Using AutoCAD Help

Version History

What’s New in AutoCAD Help

Autodesk has recently expanded and enhanced the AutoCAD Help feature of the application, for both mobile and desktop versions. The feature now includes:

What’s New in AutoCAD Help

The Help option is now included on the menu bar at the top of the application window.

AutoCAD Help Now offers the capability of viewing and printing multiple drawings at the same time, as well as printing objects that are linked to a single drawing.

The Quick Start guides are now available for all supported applications, including AutoCAD.

The guides allow you to navigate to a specific command on the Quick Start page, as well as to specific topics within the AutoCAD Help.

Additional guides for each application include:

AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical & Automotive, AutoCAD for Sheet Metal, AutoCAD Pipe & Piping,

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User interface

AutoCAD was the first product of AutoDesk to have a graphical user interface. The first graphical user interface version was AutoCAD 2.0, in 1987.

AutoCAD 2000 introduced a new window-based interface that was largely similar to the GUI of its ancestor, AutoCAD LT. It also introduced a design tool, as well as other improvements in 2D drafting tools and the 3D modeling tools, but lacked several tools introduced in later versions of AutoCAD, such as 3D modeling tools, an application modeling tool, and improved 3D modeling tools.

AutoCAD 2013 added user-friendly interface and new features including, user preferences, ribbon, ribbon tooltips, properties panel, and a new drawing view that provided a 3D drawing window in the primary viewing area and a 2D drawing view that could be used as a preview for design and documentation.

AutoCAD 2014 includes many new features. Improvements in this version include a new ribbon interface, coordinate snap, set/manage drawing units, improved design tools (sketch, block, bill), and a new drawing view.

Since version 2016, AutoCAD introduced a completely new user interface with a new “Ribbon” interface, a redesigned toolbar and window controls, new drawing views, and a new set of commands. This new user interface was referred to as “AutoCAD 360”.

Filtering and editing

The Filtering and Editing dialog box allows a user to search for, view, and change the attributes of any selected drawing object, text, or group. Attributes such as line style, thickness, color, hatch, fill, pattern, texture, etc. can be changed. The object is also allowed to be added to a clipboard or printed. Text is entered, edited, or deleted. Text can be bolded, italicized, and underlined.

Menus and customization
AutoCAD has a variety of menus. The two most common are the A-menu for editing objects and the B-menu for manipulating the contents of a file. There are also other menus that are unique to certain command sets. For example, the Set object menu lets users assign objects to clipboard, specify the center of the selection, or copy the selection and paste it elsewhere.

There are numerous options for customization and other parameters within the drawing environment. The drawing properties dialog is available via the drawing tools, draw menu, or the Drawing Properties item

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CoffeeScript 2.0: Future is Bright – sunir

I’m a huge CoffeeScript fan, but I have to be honest, I’ve gotten very
disappointed in its progress over the past year or so. I hope that this change
is big enough that people will stick around, and work hard to maintain the

This release should have made it into Rails 3, but it didn’t. So much of
CoffeeScript’s adoption depends on the number of Rails folks who are getting
on board. I’m looking forward to when more people start to adopt it, but
there’s some way to go.

The transition from 1 to 2 is good, but the scope is just a bit small. I
believe a successor language to coffeescript that will be a better choice for
Rails would be fast-as-jelly:

I used fast-as-jelly for a few projects. While the syntax isn’t very complex,
a programming language can easily become a complex language with all the
different possible combinations and structures. I still think that the
underlying language is pretty simple and the complexity comes from the
language features.

I have seen much worse codebases in many languages, but I like it:)

This is a great step forward and hopefully a couple of years of hard work
paying off for the CoffeeScript team.

Lots of people on HN are using CoffeeScript in production, so it’s a good
time to do a round-up of what we’re using it for. We currently have:


What’s New In AutoCAD?

Automatic snap fit during alignment, more effective and accurate snapping and a number of other improvements to the NLA (Non-Linear Alignment) feature.

The new improvements to the database integration in the BOM editor and interactive Quick Watch lets you work with the BOM editor with a hot key.

Autodesk Alias was recognized as the best CAD software for 2018, and AutoCAD 2023 continues to be a powerful tool for creating professional design and drafting work.

Best-in-Class Commands:

Freeform line’s command in the Warp group now supports controls for the number of lines between insertion points and their properties.

Hollow can be inserted at any point along a profile line, and circular arcs and bevels are now supported.

The new and improved Offset tool simplifies off-center moves and alignments.

Use the custom ribbon commands to give you access to your most commonly used commands.

Level 5 commands for 3D are now in a separate section.

Powerful New Features:

A new standard for 2D vector shapes that include rectangles, circles, ellipses, and arcs.

A new automatic, but customizable, outer boundary in polylines, ellipses, and arcs.

Inline view lists are now saved on disk, eliminating the need to redraw the view in the drawing window.

The Fit page in the BOM editor automatically updates when the fit is adjusted, improving the way you edit fits.

The robust new surface editing tools in AutoCAD LT now support dimpled surfaces, contact lines, and more.

The new panel selection and arrayed panels make it faster and easier to view and edit your most-used panels.

Support for geometric dimensions and annotations.

Cascading Select and Zones are now easier to use.

Command-line file transfer is faster and more efficient.

The interface for CAD solid modeling has been simplified for easier control of edits and view changes, and a new tool dialog allows you to make multiple changes at the same time.

You can now easily edit the title, text properties, and legends on the Title Bar in the N-Plane, Surface, and Horizon panes.

Navigation for the Planview has been improved.

The Edit

System Requirements:

– The game works on Windows 7, 8.x, 10 (32 and 64 bit)
– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7870 recommended
– 8 GB of free space
– 1 GB RAM
– DirectX 11
– HDTV support
– 1280×720 resolution or higher
– Internet connection required
– Subscription required
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