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AutoCAD has a built-in debugger that allows you to debug applications while they are running, and see what is going on behind the scenes in a real-time environment. You can pause execution at any point and inspect variables and call stack. You can set breakpoints and analyze the content of variables. You can step through the code line-by-line, step out and continue debugging to another point in the code.

By default, AutoCAD uses the UCS format for units (inches, centimeters, etc.) on the AutoCAD 2010 and later releases. UCS/ITA (that is, U.S. customary units, a.k.a. Imperial) remains the default on earlier releases. The UCS/ITA units default can be changed using the Unit Type Manager.

The following table contains the default units in the 2004 release. Note that the exact units displayed by the interface depends on the printer driver. For example, printer drivers in the Windows OS do not include units.

Name Defaults* Length* Area* Perimeter* Angle* Angle/Deg* Angle/Rad* Translate/MM* Projection* Viewport* Viewpoint* Depth* Reference* Axis/Deg* Axis/Rad* Paper Size* Paper DPI* Density* Gauge* Range* Angle/Deg/Rad* Date/Time* Format* A3* Facing* Contour/Pipe* Contour/Filled* Viewport/3D/Zoom* Viewpoint/3D/Scale* Depth/Zoom* 3D/Scale* Polar/XY* Polar/XZ* Polar/YZ* Mapping/XY* Mapping/XZ* Mapping/YZ* Overhang/XY* Overhang/XZ* Overhang/YZ* Font/Custom/CustomSize* Font/System* Font/Custom* Font/Ascii* Font/Small* Font/Display* Font/Italic* Font/Small Italic* Font/Display Italic* Font/Bold* Font/Italic Bold* Font/Display Bold* Font/Bold Italic* Font/Bold Italic Bold* Font/Display Bold Italic* Font/Display Bold* Font/Weight* Font/Underline* Font/Dashed* Font/Dotted* Font/Font* Font/Style* Font/Size* Font/Extended Size* Font/Bold

AutoCAD 2017 21.0

Comparison to Autodesk CAD-software


Using AutoCAD and related products is an acquired skill. While AutoCAD and all AutoCAD programs support the same standards, the user interface and program options differ, especially between the Windows-based versions and the Mac-based versions. When selecting a new product for a particular application, the new user should be familiar with what the user interface looks like, what controls the program does, and which options exist within the product.

Typical operation begins with a new drawing created using the AutoCAD application. The drawing is often created in the Drafting table, one of the many options within AutoCAD. The user can insert a 2D or 3D model, and insert a number of other objects, layers, and so forth. Drawing objects can be grouped or linked together. The user can edit existing objects or import new objects into the drawing. When finished, the drawing is saved, displayed, annotated, or printed.

Technical features

AutoCAD is a Windows-based graphical application. AutoCAD is available in two versions: for Windows and for Macintosh (Mac). The Windows-based version is the most popular, and AutoCAD 2017, which was first released in June 2011, is still the latest release.

Various other models and versions of AutoCAD are available on other platforms, such as for the iPad and iPhone, for use with the iPad AutoCAD native app for creating drawings, or through AutoCAD Cloud services for use on the web or mobile device.

An AutoCAD drawing is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file format created using the CAD (Computer-aided design) commands available within the CAD program. The drawing may be saved in a variety of CAD file formats, such as DWG (Drawing Exchange Format) and DGN (Drafting Graphics Format).

AutoCAD’s CAD commands are grouped into libraries. There are many such libraries in AutoCAD, and each is designed for a specific set of functions.

Most commonly used, AutoCAD uses DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) as the primary CAD file format. DXF stands for Drawing Exchange Format. DXF is the standard CAD format in the United States. Other CAD file formats include DWG, DGN, NC, dgn, and ACF. These CAD file formats can be used in all AutoCAD programs.

AutoCAD supports a number

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The judge in The Hague decided not to grant Iqbal’s lawyer’s request for an order for her to be sent home to London to deal with her mental health problems.

“It was the main motive behind my request, which was the killing of my client,” said lawyer Bram Lukens.

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Lukens said that the ruling had made him very anxious.

“I’m afraid she might not cope when I take her home,” he said.

Iqbal’s trial is expected to start on March 5. If convicted, she could be sentenced to life in prison.

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What’s New In?

NOTE: If you export a drawing to PDF, you must also save as a.DWG file.

Merge drawing:

Remove lines, blocks and dimensions from your drawing and automatically combine them into one merged drawing.

NOTE: You cannot merge two files with conflicting line styles, and it cannot delete or delete individual lines or blocks.

NOTE: You cannot merge a drawing in a different location to the original drawing.

NOTE: You cannot use the File > Import Merge functionality to merge drawings. You can manually import your drawings into each other.

3D Printing:

If you design your drawings using the Design tab, you can print your drawing directly from the Design tab.


If you prefer, you can use the Raster tab, and then click Print to display the OpenPrint dialog. Select a printer and plotter, and print your drawing.

Microsoft AI Platform:

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is embedded in the software to deliver benefits in your business that help you make better decisions, reach more people, understand more of what you do, and do more of what you do.

The AI platform is designed to help you build intelligent products and services that anticipate the demands of a world that’s always connected. You can use the AI platform to connect the data, people and knowledge you have in your organizations to make decisions, operate and grow your business.


Save space on your drawing by deleting unused objects in a single mouse click.

NOTE: You cannot delete a line-based object. If you want to delete a block, draw, or annotation, first select it.

Raster Tab:

Save time by switching from the traditional Select All button and the Select None button on the right side of the Raster tab.

NOTE: You can change the default Select All and Select None buttons, or use the keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl + Shift + A (to select all) or Ctrl + Shift + D (to select none).

You can also change the default behavior when you select multiple objects. Selecting an object causes it to become active and you can click a second object to activate both.

Instead, you can click the buttons on the right side to deselect objects or the Caps Lock key to select multiple objects.

Raster tab:

Simplify complex drawings by adding a dimension to an object to let

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit only), Windows 8.1 (64-bit only) or Windows 7 (64-bit only)
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5 or i7
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 4.0 compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 13.4 GB available space
Internet: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
This modification works with both the real and Steam versions of World of Tanks. To

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