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Andhera Ujala is one of the most popular mystery television shows of the 1980s.

Although the show was not a success in initial seasons, the series was later able to capture the imagination of the public and became one of the most watched and popular television shows.
Andhera Ujala has often been compared to Columbo, though unlike Columbo, Andhera Ujala”’s episodes don’t have any song tracks.

To promote the show, PTV launched a series of spoofs and satires. Later, PTV made the show a regular television show. The plot is about a police officer called Aijaz (Jimmy Khan), who solves cases which he thinks are beyond the police force, but is forced to consult the police. The show also stars Raja Feroz, Khurram Khan, Shabnam, Samina Ahmad, Huma Gul, Nazli, Ismail Tara, and Ghazala.

In the first season, the show had some major successes, including the first two episodes, “Kaun ka Heer” (“Who’s the Heer?”) and “Kaun ka Khatam” (“Who’s the Thief?”), the latter of which won the coveted BFJA award for Best Drama for 1983-84.

Aijaz (Jimmy Khan) – The Chief Inspector of Police who solves a case that seems to be beyond the police’s reach.
Mr. Pathak (Raja Feroz) – An aspiring film director who has worked for some of Pakistan’s biggest directors. He’s more of a “trouble-maker” than a detective and has a secret crush on Andhera.
SSP Sahira (Shabnam) – The junior officer of Aijaz who is sweet, innocent and believes that she has it all figured out.
Inspector Sahil (Ismail Tara) – A junior inspector of police who is very senior in his thoughts and is always the first to make a mistake.


Season 1
Aijaz (Jimmy Khan) is a young police officer who works under the command of his ruthless superior, Inspector Sahil. He is the chief inspector of police, a branch of the Pakistan police force. He solves all sorts of cases which he believes are beyond the scope of the police force.
He takes on cases with unusual suspects and in most cases with the help of a friend, Raja Feroz, who is

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