Adopt A Dog

These Belgian Malinois dogs have given the greatest service to humanity and we believe that they deserve the very best we can give them in return.


The dogs are deployed to countries all around the world and have cleared thousands of acres of land sniffing out landmines, improvised explosive devices, and un-exploded ordinance like the awful cluster bombs that have remained buried for decades.


In the past, the dogs would be euthanized when they became too old to work the long and demanding hours out in the field. The younger dogs who didn’t pass the training would be given away and they would often meet a gruesome end. But not anymore! Animal Mama and Home of Heroes have signed MOU’s with both the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) and Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC) to make sure every dog is saved.

Your donation will be used in general support of Home of Heroes, raise the seed money for the new center, and provide the specialist daily care that these heroes need.


  • Follow the link below and donate through our GoFundMe page
  • Click the monthly donation option (minimum suggestion $30)
  • Add a comment to let us know who you would like to adopt


  • Veterinary care
  • Building and operations of the new center
  • Daily specialist care





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