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I can’t get any of the files to download. I have checked my internet and internet security and I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance.


Been noticing the same thing; I installed the latest trial then accidentally clicked OK on installation and never reinstalled. I tried downloading via the download link (direct link) from the page, but it gave a similar error. I had to uninstall, then reinstall via the app store so that the latest trial was again installed. I then successfully downloaded the code and it installed. Hope this helps.

This week, once-and-future Attorney General Eric Holder — freshly empowered as President Obama’s pick to head the U.S. Department of Justice — told a Senate panel that he is considering whether the Constitution allows for the criminal prosecution of government officials who leak classified information.

The White House certainly seems focused on prosecuting government officials who leak classified information. But Holder’s comments, which were made after the New York Times recently reported that the Obama administration has secretly seized phone records of reporters, raised the bigger question of whether government officials who leak classified information should be prosecuted.

A government official who is charged with leaking classified information to a journalist can face prosecution for “unauthorized disclosure of classified information,” according to the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel.

But the Obama administration has also made clear that it doesn’t believe such prosecutions are appropriate for members of the public who leak classified information — or whistle-blowers, in the special-interest jargon of Washington.

“We’re not prosecuting people who have violated the Espionage Act, and we’re not prosecuting journalists who have published classified information,” said Assistant Attorney General Katherine Smith on Friday at a gala celebrating the release of two journalists from detention in Russia, one of whom is a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Last year, when former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden claimed that the agency had hacked into computers of news organizations and examined their phone records, government officials dismissed the claims as absurd and scoffed at the notion of prosecuting the leaker.

Snowden had “no credibility,” said Robert Litt, general counsel for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

According to Smith, the Justice Department is well aware that government officials who leak classified information have done so for the right reasons. Smith said the Justice Department is prosecuting

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What can I do after this?
Use Synaptic Package Manager to completely remove the package. This will most likely fix your problem.
Alternatively you can force version of a package with Synaptic Package Manager or with synaptic Package Manager (repository details) like
sudo apt-get install libcheese-gtk23-0

That’s about all.
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